Meeting Minutes

January 14th, 2008

  • Location: Sayles 251
  • Time: 7:07 pm
  • Present: President Tim Singer, Vice President Peter Fritz, Treasurer Rebecca Bartram, Senators Chai Lee, Evan Rowe, Elizabeth Gray, Alex Popper, Robert Stephens, Peter Antonov, Pablo Kenney, Subinay Bedi, Lindsey Shaughnessey, Syed Sadaf Sultan, Peter Ladner, Alec Roman, Marquita Davis, and Caitlin Fleming.
  • Absent: Jason Malashevich
  • Guests: Joe Baggot, Chris Rasinen
  • Secretary: Robert Martin

Budget Committee Recommendations
Budget Committee
Constitutional Review Board
Website Review Board
Admissions and Financial Aid Update
Dining Task Force Update
Diversity Initiative Group

The meeting was called to order at 7:06

Budget Committee

The first order of business was the recommendations made by budget committee. The details of recommendations can be found at

All those recommendations that we under $1000 dollars were approved as a block.

The Pink Party appealed it's recommendation of $20 and requested $420. The request, which had been rejected partly due to the aspect of private property, was altered slightly so that students would not be keeping the snap bracelets and beads as souvenirs.

Pablo Kenney and Becca Bartram both supported an amendment changing the recommendation to $420, which was successfully passed.

The full recommendation was then approved unanimously with two abstentions.

Habitat for Humanity requested $11,857 for it's yearly spring break trip. The two week spring break this year means that costs will be higher. Budget Committee members Peter Fritz and Sam Ritter mentioned that though they supported the event, it seemed like the kind of proposition that ACT Center would be willing to fund. There has as of yet been no response from the ACT Center.

The recommendation for the full amount was approved unanimously with 2 abstentions.


There were two appointments to the CSA senate. Ben Barclay, who just returned from studying abroad, is excited about becoming more active in the senate. He is from the class of 2009, and was appointed to the one term position vacated by Liv Kileen. Eleni Schirmer, of the class of 2008, is interested in working on the upcoming curriculum review. She was appointed to the ECC senate seat vacated by Brandon Walker.

Both were approved unanimously.

Budget Committee
Tim Foran of the class of 2009 was appointed to Budget Committee by unanimous vote. Lisa Wang of the class of 2010 was appointed with 14 votes in favor, one opposed, and one abstention.

Constitutional Review Board
From the class of 2011, Jason Weischedel and Jinai Bharucha were both unanimously appointed to Budget Committee. They both have extensive experience with student organizing from High School.

Senators Caitlin Fleming, Ben Barclay and Evan Rowe were all appointed to the CRB as well.

Senators Alex Popper and Peter Antonov were appointed to the Website Review committee.

Peter Antonov made presented to the senate about the current debate among colleges about decreasing loans offered. The AFAC was slightly under budget last year in the loans it awarded. The average graduating Carleton student who received financial aid graduated with about 20,000 dollars of debt last year.

Prestigious colleges such as Princeton and Harvard have recently undertaken initiatives to decrease loans and increase grants. The trend at Carleton is for increasing costs and loans.

The AFAC has requested $250,000 for the "Access Scholarship" which will decrease loans and increase grants. The question is how these policies should be applied. Should they target low income students or middle class students? Should it be based on a sliding scale or should all students under a certain income level receive a full grant package?

Alec Roman supported the concept of a sliding scale, saying that a cutoff would seem unjust.

Ben Barclay asked if it would be possible to focus aid to achieve a more diverse student body.

Marquita Davis mentioned that the college's policy of decreasing grants when students were awarded outside scholarships seems unfair, and does not encourage students to actively seek scholarships.

Further discussion will be held regarding the Access Scholarship and how it should be applied.

Evan Rowe provided an update about the Dining Task Force. The bids from Bon Appetit and Sodexho are still under consideration. There will be an informational meeting this Thursday, the 15th, during common time in upper Sayles for anyone who is interested. They will then be interviewing the contractors.

Diversity Initiative Group

DIG has hired an outside consultant to assess the climate of Carleton. The assessment will take the form of an online survey in the spring, with the goal of assessing the college's current position in relation to the Statement on Diversity issued a few years ago.

There will be an info session next week after the Senate Meeting for any interested students.