Meeting Minutes

January 5th, 2009

  • Location: Sayles 251
  • Present: President Caitlin Fleming, Vice President Pablo Kenney, Treasurer Sam Ritter, Senators Evan Rowe, Cat McMurtry, Lindsey Shaughnessy, McKay Duer, Brandon Walker, Jinai Bharucha, Charlotte Turovsky, Nimo Ali, Dominic Vendell, Kelsey Sloan, Wei Qi Tan, Ben Barclay, Erika Pearson, Chase Kimball, Jack Boller, Colin Bottles, Emogene Schilling
  • Guests: Joe Baggot, Julie Thornton
  • Secretary: R. Orion Martin

Address Question of Auditing Committee

Introduction of Dean Thornton

Report on the Green Fund
Review of Winter Term Projects and Goals
How to Jumpstart the Crepes Maker
Announcement of Open Committee Seats
Open Comment Period

Senate welcomed Emogene Schilling. She is the new Admissions and Financial Aid Committee liaison.

Address Question of Auditing Committee

Last year, a new Auditing Committee was written into the bylaws. The purpose of the committee is to audit one third of student groups, looking for financial misconduct. The groups were supposed to be informed last term that they are going to be audited, and they were not informed. The question is what to do now, taking into account that organizations were not informed, and my not be prepared for audits.

Kenney is the chairman of the committee and has asked for guidance from senate.

Barclay recommended designing guidelines which will flesh out how the process will operate next year. He recommended just auditing one big group in order to figure out the particulars. Barclay moved to suspend the bylaws relating to the Auditing Committee. The vote was unanimous with two in abstention.

Kimball agreed with Barclay that doing a test run. Kenney said it might also be possible to ask the Constitutional Review Board to specify how exactly the process is to function.

Rowe moved to ask the Constitutional Review Board to develop more specific guidelines, and that one large group be audited.

McMurtry was concerned that the one audited group may feel singled out. Kenney responded that most large groups go through a kind of informal audit every year anyways.

The motion passed unanimously with one abstention.

Introduction of Dean Thornton

Dean Thornton visited the CSA Senate. She is will be taking on the role of Dean of the Sophomore class. Today was her first day. The college will be hiring Campus Activities staff over the next six months. She looks forward to working at Carleton. CSA thanked her for her visit.

Report on the Green Fund

Discussions of a possible Green Fund began over a year ago. Last year it was approved by students in a referendum. CSA has struggled over how best to apply the Green Fund and make it accessible to students. The goal was that every group on campus would be able to access the fund.

One proposal is to make the Green Fund similar to Third Center. Groups would be able to apply for extra money for their event in order to purchase “greener” items. The problem is that there is no accountability. It is difficult to verify whether green products were actually purchased.

The other way to organize the fund would be similar to the Diversity Initiative Fund. Groups who want to hold a “Green” event could apply to this new fund. Unfortunately, groups would have to be holding a green event in order to access the fund.

There is also confusion as to how students might be able to “green” their events.

Bharucha recommended that perhaps Budget Committee or Senate could recommend to groups when the Green Fund might be applicable.

Kimball recommended just asking students to sign a form saying they had bought locally grown food.

Barclay suggested that students write a short paragraph about why their proposal meets the green fund. It would be included in their proposal for funding.

Kenney recommended using the fund for groups that don’t meet the strict criteria of the Sustainability Revolving Fund. If the Green Fund is going to be used for carbon offsets, then all the trips could be calculated and CSA could by Carbon Offsets all at once. He added that perhaps the SRF or EAC could best disperse the funds if CSA chooses this option.

Review of Winter Term Projects and Goals

Fleming presented a list of the current projects for CSA. The list was as follows:

•    *Curriculum Recommendations: work with Education and Curriculum Committee Liaison to evaluate the suggested curriculum and develop a resolution that would allow Senate to make recommendations to the Faculty.

•    *Wellness Center Recommendations: work with the Wellness Center Working Group to evaluate the Wellness Center Review and develop a resolution that would allow Senate to make recommendations to the College.

•    *Green Fund: work with Officers to develop language outlining the purpose and use of the Green Fund.

•    *Website: work with Officers and Website Working Group to redevelop the CSA Website to better suit the needs of students.

•    *Publicity: work with Officers and Publicity Committee to creatively make Senate more accessible and interesting to students – Study Breaks, Videos, Surveys, Office Hours, CSA Stall, Relocated CSA Whiteboard, Coordinated Carletonian Editorial each week, etc.

•    *Elections Committee: work with Officers to coordinate election week, get out the vote, publicize election, etc.

•    *Constitutional Review Board: work with Officers to review the CSA Constitution and Bylaws and make necessary changes.


*These are projects that should be completed by the end of Winter Term.


•    ·   Algol: work with current Algol workers and Alumni Affairs Office to assess student need and desire for a yearbook and propose a plan for the future of the Algol.

•    ·   Art in Sayles: work with Dean of Students Office and Art Department to gather student art to display in Sayles.

•    ·   Campus Climate Workshops: work with CC Working Group and DIG/ICED members to prepare, publicize, attend, and respond to workshops on life inside and outside of the classroom.

•    ·   Campus Activities Events: work with Campus Activities staff to make event planning and funding a more accessible process – develop guide.

•    ·   Club Sports Training Hours: work with Club Sport Council to propose options that would allow more athletes access to training services.

•    ·   Coffee Cart: work with Bon Appetit to develop an alternative option for purchasing coffee on the go.

•    ·   Condoms on Campus: work with Wellness Center/AHA/DOS to assess options for making these contraceptives more accessible to students.

•    ·   Day of Service: work with the ACT Center to offer a day of when all Carleton students can volunteer to work on a variety of projects.

•    ·   Discrimination Policy: work with Committee on Student Life to develop recommendations for a revised Statement on Discrimination for College Council.

•    ·   Faculty Feedback Process: work with Education and Curriculum Committee and Faculty to propose options to allow students to anonymously provide feedback to their Professors.

•    ·   Green Purchasing Guide: work with Environmental Advisory Committee to develop a guide that would allow members of the college to understand how their purchases are contributing to our goals of a more sustainable campus.

•    ·   Metro Arts Fund: work with Dean of Students Office and Campus Activities to develop a proposal for the fund that would best serve the needs of students.

•    ·   Senate Transition Team: work with Officers to develop helpful and fun tools to allow incoming Senates to work efficiently.

•    ·   Student Leadership Awards: plan and host an event that honors the outstanding work of students across campus.

•    ·   Student Leadership Council: work with Offices of Student Life to propose a model that would bring together a variety of student leaders to discuss and address current campus life issues.

•    ·   Student Life Space: work with Offices of Student Life to assess their spatial needs and consider options to bring the offices closer and/or giving them the space needed.

•    ·   Textbook Exchange: develop and publicize a program that allows students to exchange their textbooks with other students on the CSA website.

•    ·   Transportation: work with Campus Services and St. Olaf to propose a plan for wider student access to vehicles through ZipCars, Fleet Vehicles, etc.


One senator every week will be asked to write a viewpoint. Senators signed up for different weeks. There will also be Office Hours every week.

How to Jumpstart the Crepe Maker

Senate is trying to get the Crepe Maker up and running. There are several groups which always apply, and the Crepe Maker wasn’t available at all last year. CSA loses more money and time on crepes than it makes.

Some groups like Engineers Without Borders ask for things that cannot be funded by CSA, but they can use the crepe maker to help those groups raise funds.

Ritter recommended handing it all over to Campus Activities.

Vendell recommended discussing the future of the Crepe Maker with the groups who use it.

Announcement of Open Committee Seats

Applications for the open seats will be online on Wednesday. Full descriptions will be available as well.

Open Comment Period

Baggot announced that DIG is organizing five more workshops and students will be invited to all of them.

There’s a furniture testing next Monday at 3PM in the Goodhue Superlounge.


For questions or corrections to the minutes, please contact CSA Secretary R. Orion Martin