Meeting Minutes

January 18th, 2010

  • Location: Sayles 251
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Present: Kimball, Lui, Hodes, Duane, Duer, Bharucha, Ladner, Heifetz, McFadden, Gourevitch, Heavenrich, Davis, Boyce, Longabaugh, Turovsky, Diagne, Sloan, Heckman
  • Absent: Hernandez, Ali
  • Secretary: Jonathan Hillis

Budget Requests

Bharucha discussed Budget Committee requests

Davis moved to approve requests under $1000

Longabaugh seconded

Passed unanimously

Mustard Seed request is over $1000

Bharucha summarized request. Worked with Campus Activities to get sound system that they could use.

They have been borrowing $3000 worth of equipment from PEPS.

Original request was over $8000, and they have cut back the request a lot. The director of PEPS agreed that the.

Turovsky asked where equipment will be kept.

Mustard Seed said they would store in Evans, Fish House, or Campus Activities. 

Duer asked if it could be stored in the chapel.

Mustard Seed said that the chapel doesn’t have storage available.

McFadden moved to approve.

1 abstention (Kimball)

Constitutional Review Board

Colin Wixsted, junior history major.

Moshe Lavi, junior IR major

Cate Miller, junior IR major.

Andy Green, Freshman.


Charlotte Turovsky

Budget Committee

Sam Ritter

All individuals approved.

Café Fast Requests

Bharucha explained Café Fast program. Each meal donated receives $2.20 for a charitable organization.

Weimer wanted to sponsor a program for Haiti relief through Yelle.

Duane asked how old the organization is.

Weimer said it was founded in 2005.

Kimball asked about the state of the organization after the earthquake.

Weimer said that most of their normal efforts have been put on hold to deal with earthquake victims.

Duane asked if it would be a Haiti Relief Café Fast or a general Haiti Café Fast.

Davis asked how the organization was found.

 Weimer said there is controversy behind most of the organizations, but she

Ladner asked for a specific reason for this organization.

Weimer said that the ACT Center knows

Ladner suggested Partners in Health.

Bharucha said that there is a meeting tonight to organize Haiti efforts on campus.

Duer asked what the organization is doing for relief efforts.

Weimer said that they are working with other organizations to get food and shelter to Haiti.

Hodes said that he thinks it’s good to support an organziaiton taking a different approach on Haiti.

Kimball asked how the organization has been effected since the earthquake.

Weimer doesn’t know how the organization is doing now, but before the quake, the organization was doing a lot.

Turovsky said that she supported the effort, but wanted to make sure the funds went to the right organization. She wants to make sure the efforts on campus are coordinated.

Duer agreed.

Gourevitch wanted to reserve a Café Fast day for Haiti relief and not pick the actual organization until the meeting tonight.

Weimer said that BSA wants to have their own effort, separate from the rest of campus.

Davis wanted to look at the proposal on its own merits, and not worry about what the rest of campus decides to do.

Bharucha said that if this organization is a non-profit, then it should be approved based on first-come-first-served rules.

Passed unanimously.

ACT Center Café Fast request

Holmes said that the ACT Center wants to do a direct service project for the local Northfield food shelter through Café Fast on February, 19th.

Heavenrich asked if there are other fundraising efforts.

Holmes said this would be the only request.

Kimball said that ACT can also table in Sayles and asked for cash.

Passed unanimously.

Stadium renovation update

Sloan said that she met with architects and they said that this would be a press box update, would add more academic spaces, and generally making stadium more usable for the whole Carleton community.

Phase 1. Press box update / Alumni suite / Viewing platforms (fifth level)

Phase 2. Offices / Alumni center / Storage / Classrooms / Locker rooms

Phase 3. Renovating bottom level

Elevator will make it wheelchair accessible.

Kimball asked for a timeline.

Longabaugh said it depends on funding, and it will not be one big project, it will be done in chunks over time.

Kimball asked when architects were contracted.

Sloan said they were there at the first meeting. She will find out when they were contracted.

Turovsky asked how the project will be for the entire campus.

Longabaugh said the second floor will have two classrooms, open locker rooms, open Alumni Center, and the entire building will be open to everyone.

Davis asked if student housing would come back to Stadium, given section labeled Apartments on Key.

Longabaugh said that there would be no housing, and the key on the map was referencing the current set-up.

Haevenrich asked if building was LEED certified.

Longabaugh said he would check.

Haevenrich asked for the budget.

Longabaugh said it would be a maximum of 12 million dollars--2.5 for press box, 5.7 for lower level, and 3 million for offices.

Haevenrich asked what will happen to waste.

Longabaugh said he would have the answers next week.

Bharucha asked where funding would come from.

Duer said that it will be alumni donations, which can now be made to specific items.

Bharucha asked if the Budget Committee knows what operating costs there will be.

Longabaugh said that members of their groups are attending the meetings.

McFadden asked what the luxury suite will look like.

Longabaugh showed blueprints, said that the suite is a want, not a need. It will be an area big enough for receptions, events, etc.

Speakers list is capped unanimously.

Kimball said he felt incredulous about the project. He isn’t sure the Arts Union is happening, so it doesn’t understand how this can be happening. Faculty benefits were cut last year, and he wonders if the luxury suite is the best way to be spending resources.

Haevenrich asked if there is a priority of construction projects,

Bharucha said that there is a prioritized list form Budget Committee. The reason the Stadium is separate is because all of the funding for the Stadium is from private funding specifically for the Stadium.

Heifetz said these funds are used for Stadium or they can’t be used.

Kimball is curious about rule changes.

Longabaugh said he will have more details next week.


Duer suggested specific goals for each Senator based on which projects they want to work on.

McFadden discussed doing a project in Sayles called the Wall of Individuality with art about embracing diversity. It would be a project people could add to.

Duer said she wanted to do something with the glass wall in Sayles, like a giant piece of collaged artwork. This will be discussed more next week.

Duer discussed a list of projects Senators could work on.

Excel Spreadsheet

Each officer added their office hour and specific interests to the spreadsheet to be put up in bathroom stalls. The office hours will also be published in the NNB.

Bulletin Board

Bharucha suggested a CSA bulletin board with up-to-date info from Senators.

McFadden asked where the bulletin boards should go.

Duane suggested mailbox comment cards.

Duer suggested Sayles and Libe.

Kimball suggested board next to Post Office.

Gourevitch suggested Ask A Senator question sheets in bathroom stalls.

Bharucha said people are opposed to making more named stalls.

Davis said the bathroom model was developed for SWAs and doesn’t work for other groups.

Gourevitch said they wouldn’t get torn down if they were big and laminated.

McFadden said there doesn’t need to be something in every dorm.

Bharucha will ask Security how to get into current Sayles CSA bulletin board.

Open Comments

Longabuagh asked about the Laundry Monitoring effort.

Bharucha will check for next week.

Duane will add Dining to her interests.

Kimball said that Budget Committee budget will go to Trustees. The statements on discrimination were also approved.

Davis asked how the presidential search is going.

Duer pointed questions to the official January, 7th email. The goal is to hire someone by July, 1st.

Bharucha said that the suit of armor is displayed in Sayles.

Haevenrich asked how the suit was funded.

Bharucha said it came through the budget committee.

Longabaugh asked if it could be worn.

Bharucha said that was the intent, but it couldn’t really be worn easily.

Campus Activities controls Sayles space, and it should be easier to deal with Sayles space now.

Duer said platforms will be asked for starting 5th week and 7th week is when elections start.

Meeting is adjourned.