Meeting Minutes

March 5th, 2012

  • Location: Weitz 236
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Present: President Isaac Hodes, Vice President Yasin Dara, Treasurer Hall, Senators Fitzgerald, Goldberg, Gourevitch, Heavenrich, Hillis, Jack, McClellan, Moran, Nordgaard, Ogilby, Persen, Singh*, Somogyi, Ulbricht, and Ulman, and Senators-Elect Tam, Hussain, and Jackson
  • Absent: Senators Burke, Han, and Levonian
  • Guests: Advisors Lee Clark and Nadine Sunderland and Treasurer-Elect Buss
  • Secretary: Edward Malnar

Approval of Minutes

Budget Committee Approvals

Charter Approvals

Term of Office Conclusion

Open Comments

The meeting was called to order at 7:06PM.

Approval of the Minutes

President Hodes proposed changes to clarify that Senator Ogilby’s straw poll asked whether senators would support the implementation of remuneration policy at that time, remove the language “drop for now” as unfitting to the situation and formality of Senate, and to correct the amount of the Budget Committee request for the Leadership Conference.  $1,380 was the total cost of the event and the request was for $300.

With these amendments, the Minutes were approved unanimously.

Budget Committee Requests


Amount Requested: $1,600

Amount Recommended: $1,600


Momentum Conference

Amount Requested: $389

Amount Recommended: $389


Team Tibet

Amount Requested: $335

Amount Recommended: $335

Leadership Workshop

Amount Requested: $1,380

Amount Recommended: $300



Amount Requested: $2,545

Amount Recommended: Tabled

Vice President Dara motioned to approve the Team Tibet and Momentum Conference requests togher.

The motion passed unanimously.

The Leadership Workshop request was discussed further.  Senator Hillis asked about Leadership Grant funding, suggesting that the grant should cover the full cost.  Treasurer-Elect Buss explained the origin and purpose of the Leadership Grant, to assist development of students’ leadership skills and experiences.   Buss asserted that

During the discussion Senator Singh arrived.

Senator Nordgaard made a motion to overturn the recommendation with a $0 bid.

Senator McClellan commented that there had been considerable concern in the Budget Committee meeting on whether seniors should be allowed to participate because of their short time on campus before graduation.  Senator Heavenrich responded that  a first-come-first-served basis of admission to the conference would be most fair.

Senator Nordgaard asked for clarification on the sign-up procedure and Buss agreed that the sign-up would admit the earliest applicants like the sign-ups run by Student Activities.  Treasurer Hall commented that the correct spending, $300, was “a small amount to pay for the amount of students it will impact.” 

Senator Nordgaard asked what specifics skills would be taught and what style of formatting the conference would have.  Buss explained that the conference will use role-playing and reflective exercises to help students identify their strongest leadership abilities and augment them.

Senator Ogilby moved to call the matter to question.  The motion passed unanimously.

A majority voted for the measure, with Senators Hillis and Nordgaard opposing and Senators Goldberg, McClellan, Singh, and Somogyi abstaining.

Charter Approval

Charters for the following groups were considered for approval (renewed/newly applied):

Carleton Gun Club (Students for the Right to Bear Arms)

Carleton Rugcutters

Late Night Trivia

Carleton Hi-Fi Club

Carleton Take back the Tap

Epic Glory Ancient Machines

Students for a New Economy

Students for Education Reform

Women in Political Science

All of the charters were approved together unanimously.

Term of Office Conclusion

President Isaac Hodes specially recognized seniors those senators stepping down from office at the end of this term and recognized their devotion and hard work.

Treasurer Hall received special attention and was wished a happy birthday.

Advisors Clark and Sunderland recalled some of the accomplishments of Senate and thanked the senators for their contributions.  They presented President-Elect McClellan with a gavel.  McClellan spoke briefly, thanking those who helped motivate him to run for office.  He expressed eagerness to assist in the organization of Cave renovations and the Strategic Planning initiatives yet undecided.  He also stated, “I really want to make sure that in the future that we can have as few uncontested spots as possible” in office elections.

Open Comments

President Hodes took a another chance to thank and recognize senators.

Senator Ogilby encouraged the returning senators to be active.  “I hope to inspire you to do more.”

Treasurer Hall motioned to adjourn the meeting.  The motion passed unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:34 PM.