Meeting Minutes

September 27th, 1999

  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Present: Graham Wilson Howard Kushlan Linda Florescu Drew Airone Katie Stroebel Jenny Houghton Luke Peterson Kenechi Ejebe Gabe Grant Allan Schulte David Strandness Mark Lickteig Heather Wilde Melissa Kassier Paulina Ponce Jessica Yarnall Jessica Hennessey
  • Guests: Alicia Hancock (College Council) Cam Smith (College Council)


Kushlan thanked the senators for their hard work in committee interviews. He recommended the senators to look back at last spring interests and suggested they continue discussions with people. He also mentioned Govoni issues (Trans, co-op bus).
Kushlan explained the situation about the town homes between Myers and Nourse. There are 8 proposed plans, and it is estimated that by January 1, 2001 there will be 100 beds available. The next dorm to go out of service in the fall due to construction will be Sevy. However, Kushlan explained that no problems are anticipated. Kushlan reported that President Lewis informed him about an endowment of 4.5 million dollars for instrument music majors and an endowment from Perry Mason for Baseball. Kushlan also mentioned diversity and how to approach diversity at Carleton. (RAD, reading books) He also mentioned Mary Baraka's poem.

Vice President

Airone mentioned the article in the Carletonian about alcohol and suggested the senators to read it. He said that the budget committee is running and has a good group, with requests coming in already.

Alternate Beverages and Food (Alt-Bev): $2,300.17 Special Allocations: 15,000
Honoraria: $27,000
Third Center: $3,000
Capitol Reserves: unknown
Student Life Opportunity Fund (SLOF): 4,500
Stroebl reported that the 20,000 allocated for Sumo ended up not costing as much.
Peterson asked when the projectors for sumo were going to be available
Airone said that there were some problems with the company and the lens needed was not available. He also mentioned that he will be attending a demonstration for a projector on Oct 5 at 10 AM. Airone said that last week the sound system in Olin 149 was working very well.


Academic Standing Committee

Hennessey made a motion to recommend Elizabeth Pennie '03, Drew Evans '01, and Mike Burman '01, for the positions on the Academic Standing Committee. The criteria were interest, enthusiasm w/energy, ability to work with faculty, impartiality, open mind.
The Senate voted 16-0-0 in approval of the recommendations.

CSA Budget Committee

Grant made a motion to recommend Laura Leitner '00, Dennis Wold '02, Apu Chakraborty '00, Violeta Gonzalez '03, Drew Evans '01, Emily Yeuh '02 and the alternates Anne Holm'02, DavidHixson'01, for the positions on the CSA budget committee. The criteria were critical thinking, unbiased, and time commitment.
The Senate voted 16-0-0

Committee on Student Life

Grant made a motion to recommend Tyler Rogstad '01, Lizzie Hayward '03, Kate Lundeen '01, Alicia Hancock '01, Chad Bayse '02, Alex Cook '03, Amanda Ruzin '01 for the positions on the Student Life committee. The Criteria were connected to student body, able to talk to Govoni, have opinion, Confident and knowledge on specific issues.
The Senate voted 15-0-1

Convocation Advisory Committee

Yarnall made a motion to recommend Ming An '01 and Malcolm Dort '00 for the positions on the Convocation Advisory Committee. The criteria were interest, enthusiasm, ideas and interpersonal skills.
The Senate voted 16-0-0

Distinguished Women Visitors Committee

Yarnall made a motion to recommend Katja Meyer '02, and Amanda Ruzin '01. The criteria were experience with women's issues, different offers, and fresh experience.
The Senate voted 16-0-0 in approval of the recommendations.

Education and Curriculum Committee

Shulte made a motion to recommend Cam Smith'00, Nick Macarelli'01, Apu Chakraborty '00, and Maria Nelson '03 for the positions on the Education and Curriculum Committee. The criteria were knowledge of issues, specific policy proposals, past dedication, passion, and enthusiasm,
The Senate voted 16-0-0 in approval of the recommendations.

Judicial Appeal Board Committee

Strandness made a motion to recommend Ben Purser'00 for the position on the Judicial Appeal Board Committee. The criteria were student voice, and peer understanding to problems.
The Senate voted 16-0-0 in approval of the recommendation.

Judicial Hearing Board

Ejebe made a motion to recommend Kate Lundeen '01, Cam Smith '00, Drew Evans '01, Mark Murrens ë02, Mike Burman '01, and Malcolm Dort '00 for the positions on the Judicial Hearing Board Committee. The criteria were sensitivity and objectivity.
The Senate voted 16-0-0 in favor of the recommendations.

Admissions and Financial Aid Committee

Kassier made a motion to recommend Jessica Fahringer'02 and Joshua Bobich'01 for the positions on the Admissions and Financial Aid committee. The criteria were enthusiasm, interest, familiarity with admissions process, familiarity with financial aid process, willingness to solicit input from student body and strengths the person would bring to the committee.
The Senate voted 16-0-0 in favor.

Senators had discussion regarding Mike Burman who was on both the judicial hearing and appeal board. He was removed of the appeal board because both positions conflict. Position in hearing board will be filled ASAP.
Kushlan said to keep the students involved in the governance committee.


Kushlan asked for comments on committees.

Student Life Committee

Wilson reported that Tuesday 28 the first meeting for SLC would be held with Dean Govoni. He explained that the committee does not involve all the members.
Kushlan and Airone asked if the committee was an open meeting and why were the other members of the committee not invited.
Wilson responded that it was a small meeting only to talk to Govoni.

Dining Board

Kassier said that the first meeting for the committee would be held on Wednesday at the Tearoom.
Airone said that since no one applied to the committee, CSA needs student representation.
Kassier said that she would wait and see what happens at the committee and she would ask people who attend the meeting if they would like to be involved.
Stroebl asked if the Dining Board Committee would vote at the meeting or if it would just be input given to Marriott.
Kassier said that the committee doesn't vote and she explained that they only give input. She mentioned that Marriott board listens, writes down advice, and in the past has even set up a table with the Senate in order to better the relationship with the student body.
Hart said that recently they were not satisfied with and event from Marriott, and that they were not charged because they want Carleton to be satisfied with the service.

Budget Committee

Airone talked about the Budget Committee Guidelines and he asked the senators to refer to them so they would know what the budget committee can and cannot do.
Kushlan said that the guidelines are on the packet and binder of the CSA.
The senators were all in favor of approving the guidelines.
Airone also mentioned that changes to the guidelines might be made, but that they would be addressed in 1st meeting and they would come back to the CSA.
Kushlan asked for any goals on committee projects.
Peterson on behalf of the governance committee asked the senators to read the Constitution and Student Handbook. He also asked for copies of the By-Laws.
Houghton said that they should have discussion for the relation of the CSA with College Council to be Friday after meeting and discussion on Monday.

Technology Committee

Yarnall said that the tech. Meeting would be on Wednesday and that she discussed the cable online voting with Mark Heiman. Yarnall also mentioned the CSA web page. The idea is to solicit people work, example a web administrator to get involved. She requested biographies from the senators and other content for the web. Yarnall said that she has been looking at other colleges for ideas.

Ponce asked for the purpose of the tech. Com.
Yarnall mentioned online voting for Senate, web page and cable in dorms as examples.
Ponce asked if the com could find out what happens to the people who have Windows 98-second edition, because they cannot access Resnet. She mentioned that she has contacted the CMC several times, but has not received an answer.
Yarnall said that she would mention the problem to the committee.
Stradness said that he spoke to the director of Res-Life for cable TV and they were looking at costs. He also mentioned the debit card system and that the director of Res Life is looking into that.
Ponce asked if they were going to consider putting Ethernet in the houses.
Yarnall mentioned that they are trying to extend the service outward.
Wilson said that in the canoe house for example it is impossible to ever access Ethernet.
Shulte mentioned that Parish House might get Ethernet.

Task Force

Airone reminded the senators that if there is anything on campus that needs to be fixed to inform the task force. He mentioned that there are bikes that have been locked for years. The bikeracks in Musser for example are not in good shape and he also mentioned that Goodhue and Evans need better lighting.
Peterson mentioned a problem with the lightbulb outside Myers.
Houghton mentioned that students asked for a bike rack with overhead on campus.
Kassier added a proposal to play music around the mailbox area. She also mentioned a problem with people pulling computer plugs in the library. Kassier said that she would take care of the door slam problems around campus.
Ponce said that there is a bike chained in Stimson House and she asked for its removal.
Kassier said she would take care of it.
Grant suggested having picnic tables in the Bald Spot.
Yarnall asked who was involved in the transportation committee. She suggested rescheduling the co-op bus hours and that instead of going to the mall of America there should be a stop at the airport. She explained her reason being the difficulties of carrying luggage from the airport to the mall and viceversa.
Hart mentioned that students request for the route to be shorter, but at the same time they want more options. She encouraged the senate to think of a solution.

The senators agreed that surveys are not accurate in order to determine the bus schedule.

Kushlan reminded senators to bring pictures for the Senate box in Sayles.


Kushlan introduced Cam Smith a member of the college council.
Smith mentioned that the college council had there first meeting last Wednesday. He said that one of the goals for the college council is to have a better relation with the senate sharing different ideas. The idea is for the members of the college council to come in for the meetings of the senate, since they do not have study groups. Smith said that he feels that there is a lack of connection between the student body with senate and college council. The idea is to create a forum where the students would get involved. Idea is also illustrated in an article for the Carletonian, which was also given to the senators by Smith. The forum would be more student driven than administration, because people in the past have not responded very well to forums on specific issues by administration. The forum would serve as a connection between the CSA, College Council, and the student body where people will discuss what we value and do not values at Carleton. The event will be held in a way where students will be throwing out ideas and the CSA and College Council will take note and engage on what our goals will be for the year. Smith ended by saying that his visit to the meeting was to know if the CSA is interested in participating.

Strandness said he liked the idea and he suggested that College Council attend CSA meetings on Monday before the Council makes any decisions. His reasons were that in the past the College Council has made decisions without attending the meetings and knowing about the student body's opinions.
Peterson added that the forum is an excellent idea, and that CSA should definitely be involved.
Wilson said that he liked the idea, but he wanted to know why would everyone participate in the forum if they have not participated in the past.
Smith responded that the forum is student driven. He explained that in the past it was more like officers directed to officers then to them working on something. Smith added that the forum was the student body's and that everyone could get involved and talk about any frustrations.
Wilde said that she like the idea, but she added but she added that maybe October 6 was too soon. She added that if the PR com is going to work with the College Council then they should set up a realistic date to get things done.
Kassier said that her concern was that the forum would turn into a mess with the microphone usage.
Smith said that the key would be moderating.
Strandness wanted to know the agenda, form structure for the topics discussed.
Smith responded that the College Council gets agendas a couple of days before the event. Issues to be discussed would be alcohol, diversity, etc.
Yarnall said that speaking in front of people in the forum can be intimidating to the students, and therefore they might not participate. She added that maybe setting up tables would make it more individual.
Strandness added that students could write down there ideas and then they would be announced.
Houghton said that it is better to have an open forum, because the people will know that the student body presented the issues.
Yarnall added that they could start on small committees and then do open forum.
Wilson said that with the microphone everybody hears opinions from direct source. He added that a broader range of individuals would come up.
Wilde said that both options were good, but that she thinks that small tables are more intimidating. She suggested the CC members to keep tables after the forum in case anybody has any other concerns.
Kushlan asked if the senators wanted to participate in the forum on Oct. 6
Smith said that the forum would be held on fourth week, which would be the best week since the fifth week would be very hard to get the forum together. He added that the event only needs enthusiasm and PR com help. Smith said that everything would be fine from there.
Houghton asked if there was any creative way that the PR com could do for the event.
Smith said that cookies and refreshments would be provided to attract students.
Kushlan said that the PR and governance committees should get together and form ideas,
Smith said that the event would be from 7-9 PM
Peterson said that if the forum would be Joint College Council and Senate, then the names of the CSA should also be included in the letter for the Carletonian.
Smith said that names would not be included because the Carletonian does not like to print names, but that it will include CSA and College Council.

Kassier said that she attended function in library with Sam Demas on how Carleton should put emphasis on how to use the library so that by the time seniors have to write their thesis they know where to find what they need.
Ponce said that she was working with the multicultural assistant, Clayton (new director) and that he wants bigger programs where people can get involved. Ponce added that it is hard to get people involved and she asked CSA for input.
Peterson added that during New Student week he tabled with Clayton and that there was lots of confusion going on who is a student of color. Peterson said that the programs could define purpose and make it more concrete.
Kushlan mentioned those Chili nights at Stimson House. He said that the flyers for the event only go out to multicultural students and that might be a reason why people do not attend. He suggested the publicity to be better and clear about how it is open to everyone.
Ponce said that the upcoming chili nights are on Wednesday October 6 at 5:00 and the topic is Homophobia on communities of color. She added that Stimson is not a big house for many people to be involved in the discussion.
Kassier related to Kushlan's comment about making sure that everyone is invited,
Wilson said that he heard complaints about people being harassed to come to the functions and that they felt that the functions were not necessary at Carleton. He asked if there was anyway to stop this.
Ponce said that if the people want to stop receiving information then they should go to the mailing lists and cross their name out. She added that Chili nights are twice a term and that everyone is welcome to Stimson House.
Peterson talked about the archives and how CSA is responsible to send a copy of funded groups to Eric ____.
Kushlan said that the CSA saved last winters names for elections and that there are 70 to 80 names of people interested and that they might be good resources for publicity help.
Strandness said that the CSA could personally contact the people and encourage them to participate.
Smith added that it is a good way to look for support and know the opinions of different interest groups.
Houghton said that a good way to get groups involved in the forum is by sending the group leaders an email to invite them.
Smith encouraged senators to mention the event in study groups.
Peterson mentioned the fences around Nourse.
Kushlan said that the fences are around the area for the new buildings.
Hart added if groundbreaking does not happen before winter then the fences will come down.
Kushlan said that the meeting would be held from 7-9 on Monday and that information would be put in senator's boxes. He also mentioned that seconding is just a procedure and that it should be done faster in order to begin discussion. Kushlan advised the senators to write down anything significant from study break.

The meeting adjourned at 8: 35 PM