Meeting Minutes

November 1st, 2004

  • Time: 7:06 pm
  • Present: Seth Cooper, president, Andrew Evans, Vice President, Lilly Shields, treasurer, Abhinab Basnyat, CJ Griffiths, George Kachergis, Nate Law, Alejandro Mendoza, Jesse Moreno, Andrew Navratil, Dan Rubenstein, Brandon Sun, Jim Watkins, David Wiczer, Kilang Yanger, Cole Zimmerman, Colin McLain, Becca Stark
  • Absent: Jumal Lewis, Sara Ganaha

The meeting came to order at 7:06

Official attendance was taken

BC The first request was from cave for $43000 for equipment for live web broadcasts and general maintenance. BC decided to make a full bid for maintenance and the request for live broadcast equipment was tabled. The bid was $6242.

Move to open discussion was passed

Sen. Navratil asked why this was not covered in the initial spring al allotment.

Representative the money for maintenance was cut from spring al allotment.

Treas. Shields the money would be for amps and speakers.

A list of the cost was passed around the room and Treasurer Shields said the money would come from cap reserves

Move to approve passed 13:2:2

The next request was from yellow bike club for $450 for parts and kits to make the club more functional. BC recommended a full bid.

Move to open discussion passed 12:6

Sen. Moreno said that there were a lot of yellow bikes his freshman year and not so many recently, he wanted to know if the group would step up more.

Sen. Basnyat said that last year it did dwindle a little and that they are attempting to increase turnout, and the question is whether when they come there will be something for them to do. Also, the more yellow bikes there are fixed and on campus, the better the participation will be.

Sen. Mendoza was confused about brunch.

Sen. Basnyat said that there were around 5 people at a given meeting.

The motion to approve passed 18:0.

The next request was from robotics club for $150 to purchase chips to compete in a robot firefighters competition. BC wondered if the chips would be used again they would be

Motion to open discussion failed 8:10

Motion to approve passed 17:0:1

The next request was from CWI for $1012 for a luncheon on how to make a difference, women’s involvement in civics. It was for catering and setup and custodians. BC recommended $500 from 3rd center and $500 from special als.

Motion to open discussion passed 15:3

Sen. Mendoza asked how many people would come

They estimated 150 people

Sen. Basnyat asked where and when and if there were speakers.

A date was quoted and a list of speakers was read.

VP Evans said that the money was for food

It was asked about deducting mealplans and disclosed that this was the standard operating procedure for catering through Marriott. This is just the typical per-head charge.

Sen. Lewis was concerned about how much money was left.

Treas Shields said that there was plenty of money.

Dean Govoni said that this is standard procedure. The group is sponsoring a dinner for about 150 people and this builds solidarity among women at Carleton. The whole concept is to build trans generational strength. Often groups invite non-Carleton people.

Motion to approve passed 15:1

The last request was from SJMC $350 for an event, a rally in bridge square followed by a march into great space. They are asking for speaker fees and setup. Full bid passed on condition that the speakers show up.

Motion to discussed passed 14:2

Sen. Moreno was concerned about supporting political leanings.

VP Evans said it was a rally regardless of who wins the election to support the causes.

Sen. Navratil said it was not a campaign contribution or lobbying..

There was no estimate on how many people.

Move to approve passed 17:0

Items of New Buisness

Firstly, there was an open senate seat because Ben Olsen resigned.

There was a group of four or five freshmen interested, or senate could publicize

Sen. Mendoza asked if it would be open for anybody.

Sen. Navratil said that the interview method must be employed. They must call for written applications and then recommendation and senate voting

The constitution says that they must be accepted for a minimum of 5 days.

Freshmen are free to apply.

Pres. Cooper advocated just telling a set of people and having them apply instead of having a full advertisement.

The question was between publicizing for a week and having the senators tell who they thought were interested.

Sen. Mendoza said that they should just get someone by the next meeting.

Sen Law said that it seems that there is no reason that they can’t publicize it, and also tell people to apply.

Pres. Cooper said that normally they would advertise for a week. They could advertise for a week or get it done soon.

Sen. Lewis said that they should publicize. Whoever gets appointed eventually, will not have a lot of time this term anyways.

Pres Cooper set a goal to have someone appointed by the end of the term. The applications would be due Monday at 5:00. The interviews would be conducted during the week and then vote on the recommendation if there are many, if 6 or less, they can vote on it during the meeting. PR was assigned to put NNB adds and posters. The applications should be delivered to the president and the applications should be 500 words or less.

CRB: Goal was to set the committee before winter term, they would go over constitution and bylaws. Winter break would be a good time to allow members to read up on the bylaws.

Sen. Navratil, Sen. Stark, Sen. Griffiths and Sen. Wiczer were nominated

Each gave their reasons for wanting to be on the committee.

Potential committee members left the room and senate opened discussion on the candidates.

Through a laborious voting process Sens. Navratil, Stark and Griffiths were chosen.

Applications for CRB were to be accepted with the senator application.

Finally, Sen. McLain requested a referendum that would allow the president to be a sophomore or junior.

Movement to open discussion passed 12:2

Motion to limit discussion passed 14:0

Treas. Shields asked Dean Govoni why only upperclassmen could run.

Dean Govoni said that for a long time it was though that only upperclassmen had the wisdom.

Sen. Lewis suggested that sophomores run for present under condition that they had already served on Senate.

Sen. Mendoza suggested that they have had to have at least 3 terms.

VP Evans said that if sophomores have to have senate experience, juniors do to. However, CSA is all students and that makes senate too exclusive.

Treas. Shields said that if they were going to make this qualification, then treasurer should have to have served on BC.

Sen. Stark thinks that it is not a bad idea, thinks that there has to be some senate mandated for officers. In response to Evans, it is very valuable to have the experience, she was in favor of it, but they have to talk more about experience requirements. She also recommended sending it to CRB.

Sen. Lewis was in agreement with Stark. Also wondered if a sophomore with no experience would be respected.

Pres. Cooper said that perhaps they could just have been in attendance at a few senate meetings.

VP Evans said that you don’t have to have had experience to run, but that doesn’t mean that people will vote for you

Sen. Navratil thinks it is a good idea. Agreed with VP.

Sen. McLain did not want to send it to CRB, it would get too delayed. He made a movement to hold a referendum as soon as possible

An amendment was made to have some kind of criteria for previous government experience.

Sen. Stark withdrew her support for requiring experience, in agreement with VP Evans.

Movement to discuss friendly amendment passed with a majority.

Movement to limit discussion passed with majority.

Sen. Lewis questioned the ability of a person with no experience to govern senate. They should be completely able to run anything. They would have trouble getting respect.

Sen. Mendoza agreed with Lewis, thought that they should have had to come to at least some meetings.

Sen. Watkins said that one year based on age will not have any difference, you can’t limit experience requirement to sophomores.

Sen. Law, in agreement with Evans, said it makes it too exclusive and alienates people. It would be difficult to say that they have to attend some meetings, because there is no attendance taken of students at large, trusts the students to judge

Sen. Navratil does not think that having experience makes you a good leader. Ditto Law.

Sen. Moreno said that he is opposed because experience is not required for a junior. If discussion were to take place about the issue of experience, it should take place outside of the referendum discussion.

Movement to end discussion passed 15:0

Friendly amendment of experience failed 0:16

Sen. Lewis made an amendment that an elected president go through some kind of training.

Pres Cooper ditto McLain.

Dean Govoni said that the point of the referendum is to expand pool, the part about experience and training, the training can come from the advisor to the senate. Advised senate not to get entangled in a lot of other statements.

Sen. Watkins made a motion that this referendum not come into effect for the upcoming election. He wanted to put it on the winter ballot.

Motion to discuss table until winter passed 10:6

Sen. Stark did not see any harm in doing it right away

Sen. Navratil ditto, send it to governance, could have referendum some time before the middle of winter. Training should not be included with table.

Sen. Law ditto, the best way to get it done would be as soon as possible.

Sen. Rubenstein thought that any changes regarding experience should apply to everyone.

Sen. Lewis said that this is not something to rush into.

Sen. Watkins said that it should be tabled until at least after governance has looked at it.

Sen. Moreno ditto Lewis, and that they should do it when there is the bigger voter turnout, winter election.

Motion to table failed 6:9

Motion to send it to governance before formal referendum proposal passed 15:0


In the bylaws it says that if a senator has been absent twice, the senator has to defend him/herself and the senate votes on impeachment.

Cole Zimmerman Vote to impeach failed 0:14:1

David Wiczer Vote to impeach failed 0:12:3

Becca Stark Vote to impeach failed 3:10:2

Jumal Lewis Vote to impeach failed 2:6:7

Updates on Projects

Saunas: Found out that the one in Cowling is accessible to men, but they are supposed to put up a sign. They needed to talk to more people.

Tetherball: expense $100-200

Swingset: nothing new, they are starting to work on it again and they are going to find out if the price is still the same and if it is a viable option. They are attempting to get a petition that says that they are supportive of a referendum.

Trees: Sen. Wiczer sent a message to Mr. Strong at facilities, he hadn’t gotten back to him, it doesn’t sound like anyone was interested. Big middle finger.

There was a discussion of buying a nice gift for Govoni; something that would last and be a good reminder of CSA senate. A few hundred dollars would not be too much

Sen. Lewis questioned the price

Sen. Stark thought that it would be really appropriate to do something nice

VP Evans said that it would be a great idea, but does not think that CSA should pay for it, rather senate members’ own money. It would also make it optional.

Treas. Shields said it is common for groups to buy gifts for speakers or advisors with CSA money. In favor of using senate money.

Sen. Rubenstein has reservations about spending money on personal property, feels that the student body would not necessarily support that.

Sen. Stark said that he has fought for students. Of all the things funded by senate this would be a good gesture. Senate voted that if someone wants to submit a request it has to go to budget committee.

Sen. Moreno came up with a proposal for senate shirts and a proposal for a senate logo

Sen. Navratil asked if there were any senate openings on committees.

Movement to adjourn passed.

Meeting adjourned 9:20.