Meeting Minutes

May 5th, 2003

  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Present: Blaine Eubanks, President, Ainsley SeSure, Vice President, Dr. Chuck Ansell, Danny Greenberger, Chuk Kittredge, Hikaru Teramoto, CJ Griffiths, Brian Kichler, Janet Bertok, Michael Moore, Jessica Kumar, Luke Hasskamp, Greg Rafert, Ellen Acree, Alex Cook, Matt Bartel, Dave Gold, Jason Lord, Nicki Catchpole
  • Absent: Seth Cooper, Treasurer, Shenita Ollie, Katie Rohach (inter campus senator)
  • Guests: Angela McLaughlin and Robin Hart, Senate Advisors

Call to Order, 7pm

Approval of Minutes
Friendly amendments: Kichler is spelled wrong on the second page. Motion to approve, seconded, approved.

Officer Reports

President Eubanks: Met with Sue Traxler and others regarding the one card system—this is scheduled to happen in several years—there will be a presentation to senate soon. Dining meeting—met with Martha Paas and other labor economists, met with Dean Govoni about opening the doors in Great Hall for through traffic.
Vice President LeSure: Deliberations for Spring Allocations were on Sunday—finished at 10:10pm, in record time, groups will know about their budgets either Tuesday or Wednesday.
Treasurer Cooper: (absent)

Committee Reports

BC (Cooper): Move to discuss Superhero party request: Bartel: What is it? It is a simulated convention—play the part of their favorite superhero or super villain—come in costume, there will be speakers (dual identities, etc), a fashion show (who they are, who their arch nemesis is, etc.)—make people feel like they really are superheroes. Video shown of a foam-dome. Music and dancing as well. Add an interesting quality to the social life of Carleton—Carleton has a creative atmosphere! Motion to amend bid to 1,323 to include foam dome supplies. How many attended last year? Over 300 people, the foam machine is basically a bubble machine. Advertising is essential—will enforce costumes through the advertising. Motion seconded, approved, 13:3:0. Motion to approve recommendations, seconded, approved, 10:5:0.

Task Force (Bertok): Working on the love bus schedule—Bertok rode the bus this week, no one was there with her except the driver. Gold: laundry—farthest left dryer ate a student's card in Burton, who should the student talk to about reimbursement?

Chartering Committee (LeSure): Billiards Club new this week (last week's groups not present)—LeSure: motion to charter with funding. Discussion: group will be in charge of upkeep of current Carleton tables, the group will also go to the cities for tournaments. Gold: friendly amendment—membership open to all who consistently attend meetings, not people who pays dues. Hasskamp: change article ten—falls under 10 members for more than one term. Seconded, passed.

ITS (Ansell): Worked on how the meetings are run rather than student issues this week.

St. Olaf (Rohach, Hasskamp): Thanks for the weekend (Spring Concert)! Come to the last meeting is on Thursday, there will be a special dinner before hand. Nobel peace prize forum will be held at St. Olaf—Jimmy Carter will be speaking.

Governance (Ansell): no meeting this week

PR (Hasskamp): Cook: Will stick a few posters in everyone's mailbox (to promote open senate positions), posters made for actual elections as well.

Election Committee (LeSure): Elections are on Friday! Debates will be Thursday during Common Time. Sound system will be on the balcony to make the debates more theatrical. Looking for people to help set up a board with pictures, name plates, as well as the sound system and man tables

CSL (Rafert): Met with Dean Govoni regarding ebony party and discussed all-campus policy. Govoni wants more spaces available to students as well as security personel available for parties. Talked about the upper arboretum assault and the return of students from China. Ansell: the composition of committee seems strange and a little unbalanced and unrepresentative of student life. Rafert: the committee on student life is composed of a range of different people from all areas of student life.

ECC (Lord): no meeting

EAC (Kittredge): no meeting

New Business

Bartel: would like to create a Chartering Review Board. The more we charter, the tighter the budget gets. We should get a group together to review overlap of groups/events. LeSure: charter committee is doing this—review of groups/events/members hopefully by next winter term, if not starting this term. Hasskamp: what is confusing about process? There are criteria already set forth. Bartel: major reform rather than focus on current system given tight budget. Hasskamp: then we shouldn't be funding a superman foam party! Kittredge: there is no public performance from a lot of groups! Hasskamp: those that perform/show public stuff should be funded more. It is a very subjective process, groups are important but small sometimes, and overlap is sometime necessary. What is the goal of the current discussion? Eubanks: we could create a committee to evaluate the charter process. Gold: send to charter committee.

Dining Board Resolution: LeSure: review of recipes? Kumar: conversion rates? Eubanks: we're still learning about the economics of it all. Lord: receiving money back at the end of the term can create problems: eating disorders, absence of community building. Moore: why serving the same things at both dining halls? Kittredge: people felt they were missing out on meals if they went to one place versus the other. Move to approve dining resolution, seconded, approved.


Moore: are you keeping track of attendance? Eubanks: yes. Bartel: can the minutes not be printed out? It seems like a waste of paper. Deming: I will email the minutes to everyone, and anyone who has questions can print them out themselves.

Adjournment, 9:00pm