Budget Committee

Introduction to Budget Committee

Budget Committee, simply put, guides Senate in allocating CSA funds. Every year, the student activity fee, vending machine revenue and laundry machine revenue flow into the student government accounts. And, each Spring Term, Budget Committee recommends to Senate a new budget, setting dollar amounts for the following:

Special Allocations: each week, Budget Committee recommends to Senate one-time allocations for clubs and student groups.

Treasurer's Discretionary Fund
: any day, the CSA Treasurer can hear requests from clubs for snacks for discussions open to all of campus or from groups of students for meals to discuss interesting topics with Carleton staff.

Student Activity Support Fund
: students can apply for a scholarship to alleviate some of the burden of paying the student activity fee.

And many more.

Budget Committee meets every Thursday at 8 pm (in Sayles 251) and anyone can come to the meetings.

Questions? Email Vice President Nayely Martinez (martinezn).

I want to...

...learn about CSA funds.

...request money from Budget Committee

...read the CSA Budget Committee Bylaws and Guidelines.

...understand the CSA reimbursment process, once I have received funding.  

...learn about Spring Allocations, and how my organization can get funds from CSA for the entire year.

...read past Budget Committee meeting minutes. 

Members of Budget Committee

Budget Committee is chaired by the CSA Vice President. The VP conducts the meetings and does not vote. The committee is composed of two Senator liaisons and ten students-at-large. New members do not vote their first term unless a quorum (more than half of all members) cannot be met otherwise. Students-at-large keep their seats on the committee until they go off campus or graduate. BC meets every Thursday at 8:00pm in Sayles 251. 


Carleton Student Association Budget Committee will use cost/benefit analysis to reach conclusions on how to fund opportunities for Carleton students in a way that most effectively benefits campus. All decisions regarding matters not related to the bylaws are at the discretion of the Budget Committee. The following guidelines are not rigid, but explain the tendencies and ideas for best practice and function of the committee. Budget Committee will enforce its bylaws as stated.