CSA Funds and Request Forms

During the Spring Allocations process, CSA divides the Student Activity Fee revenue into several funds (in addition to allocated the majority of funds directly to student organizations). Students and student organizations may request money from several of those funds, as detailed below. Clicking the link in the header will take you to the appropriate request forms.

Budget Committee Funds

These funds are distributed at weekly CSA Budget Committee meetings according to the CSA Bylaws and Guidelines.You should not request money from a specific fund; simply fill out the appropriate form at the link.  

Special Allocations Fund
The Special Allocations Fund is the primary source of programming funding for CSA Chartered Organizations.

Diversity Initiative Fund
The Diversity Initiative Fund provides CSA Chartered Organizations and members of CSA funding for events that further the awareness and discussion of race, ethnicity, culture, gender, socioeconomic status, sexuality and sexual orientation, religion, and spirituality. Funded events must be open to the entire campus. Conferences may not be funded.

Honoraria Fund
The Honoraria Fund provides CSA Chartered Organizations with the opportunity to bring speakers and performers to Carleton.

Treasurer's Discretionary Fund/Alt-Bev Fund

The Treasurer's Discretionary Fund, also known as the "Alt-Bev Fund," is primarily reserved to fund an alternative beverage or food to alcohol for registered parties or advertised events that are open to the entire campus. This fund should not be used for reoccurring requests. At the discretion of the treasurer, the fund may also be used on an as-needed basis to provide funding for food and/or beverages that would (a) not ordinarily be funded by budget committee, or (b) be too small a request as to warrant the time. The purpose of this fund is to allow for the Treasurer to have some leeway in awarding funding to those events that happen on campus without necessarily engaging in the CSA bureaucratic apparatus.

Third Center Fund

The Third Center Fund is meant to foster community by funding social events that connect students with faculty, administrators, trustees, staff and alumni. The Fund shall not fund any event with more than six students per faculty, trustee, administrator, staff member or alum. At least one of the faculty, trustee, administrator, staff members, or alums must verify their participation in the event. This fund is administered by the Treasurer.

Metro Access Fund

The Metro Access Fund, co- sponsored with the Student Activities Office, is intended to help fund trips to events in the Twin Cities area. The Student Activities Office and CSA officers administer this fund.

Spring Allocations

Each Spring, Budget Committee allocates thousands of dollars to student organizations for the entire year. All student organizations chartered by the CSA may apply for funding in this process.

Capital Reserves Fund

The Capital Reserves Fund (Cap Reserves) provides funding for one-time or emergency expenditures that are essential to the operation of a CSA Chartered Organization and for large-scale projects and capital purchases. The Fund is replenished to $65,000 during Spring Allocations. Please contact the CSA Treasurer about accessing money in this fund.

CSA Discretionary Fund

Additional money left after replenishing Cap Reserves is placed in the CSA Discretionary Fund. This money may be spent by a majority vote of Senate or distributed to the other Funds at the discretion of the Treasurer with the advice of Budget Committee and the approval of the Senate. Please contact the CSA Treasurer about accessing money in this fund.

Student Activity Support Fund

The Student Activity Support Fund is used to support students with higher needs in paying the Student Activity Fee. This fund is administered by the Office of Student Financial Services in accordance with rules jointly established by the Senate and OSFS, and is intended to support students who need additional financial assistance. The Student Activity Support Fund is currently $276.  Eligible students receive a $150 credit to their student account ($50/term on campus).