Café Fast

Café Fast Procedure for Meal Plan Donations

Café Fast is a student-initiated program providing a fundraising mechanism for converting the value of forfeited dining hall meals into donations to charitable food-related organizations or causes.

Past recipients of this program have been Oxfam, the Northfield Community Action Center Food Shelf, CROP walk among others. Students pledge to give up a meal on the specified day and a portion of the meal’s value ($2.20) is given to the charity by Dining Services.

Interested groups are invited to apply to the Carleton Student Association for this privilege. Café Fasts are limited to three per term and CSA awards them on a first come, first served basis to student groups on behalf of qualified charitable organizations. CSA gives approval at Monday Senate meeting.

  1. Please email the following information to the CSA Vice President Nayely Martinez (martinezn). in order to be put on the CSA Agenda:
    • Name of person/student organization making the request
    • Name of organization to receive donation
    • Date of Café Fast lunch donation (no earlier than the 3rd Friday after CSA approval).
    • NOTE: A Friday lunch will always be the meal donated and there will be a maximum of three Cafe Fast events per term.
  2. CSA Vice President notifies Bon Appetit ( and Campus Services ( on Tuesday.
  3. Campus Services prepares Web form and notifies CSA contact by Friday of that week.
  4. CSA contacts Web Services if assistance is needed to link the Web form to a specific CSA Web page.
  5. Student group tables Monday through Friday of the following week.
  6. Signup period ends at least 72 hours before the event. Campus Services removes the web form and provides Bon Appetit with an estimate of participation.
  7. Campus Services processes donation transactions the morning of the Cafe Fast event.
  8. Café Fast lunch occurs no earlier than the 3rd Friday after CSA approval.
  9. Campus Services sends documentation to Bon Appetit.

If you have additional questions about Cafe Fast, please contact Vice President Nayely Martinez (martinezn).