Tips for Student Organizations

Here are a few ways to help student organizations keep their budgets up-to-date and avoid the problems associated with overspending.

  • All student organizations must have a designated treasurer. This individual is responsible for keeping track of the organization's finances, and is ultimately in charge of ensuring that the organization ends the fiscal year without outstanding debts. The treasurer should be designated in the organization's profile (see below for instructions on accessing the profile).
  • Be aware of the organization's previous Spring Allocation. To view the allocated amount:
    • Log in via the CSA website by clicking on "Group Administration Page."
    • Under the student organization's name, click "Spring Allocations" for the year that you wish to view. If you do not see the appropriate organization listed, this is an indication that you are not listed as an officer or contact for the group. Please contact one of the Senate Officers if this is the case and you believe it to be a mistake.
    • Be advised that this does not reflect any funds granted during the appeals process. If your group successfully appealed for more funding and you do not have the accurate figure, contact Treasurer Andria Hall (hallan).
  • Monitor your organization's balance with the Business Office:
    • Go to The Hub, log in, click on Students > Student Organization Budgets and click on View in Browser. Be sure to click and highlight the correct account before continuing. Only two students can have access to an organization's online budget, so please contact Susan Benson ( if you would like to change which students have access.
    • Important notes:
      • When promised money from an office, department, or other student organization, always be sure to have that agreement in writing. Many times those who promise money will forget to transfer it to the correct account. Transfer forms are available in the Business Office or outside the Senate Office (Sayles 160)
      • Departments issuing charges will submit them to the Business Office monthly - not immediately. Please be aware and keep this in mind when viewing your balance online. Alumni Guest House charges are submitted quarterly.
  • Keep your organization's profile up-to-date so Senate can contact you easily.
    • Click on Group Administration Page and log in. On the Group Profile page you will have access to the group's mission statement, officers, budget number, and other information. Please email the CSA Treasurer, if you do not have access to a group's account that you feel you should.

Most importantly: If there are ever any doubts or questions within an organization, feel free to contact any one of the three CSA Senate Officers. Most problems can be avoided with a quick e-mail.