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The College, parents, and students share a common purpose: we all want a successful, rewarding educational experience for each Carleton student. However, we each approach this common goal from different perspectives.

The Dean of Students Office has prepared this Family Guide to support the relationship between you, your student, and the College by providing you with easy access to helpful information for parents and families.

  • Advice for Parents

    Tips and suggestions that may help you to support and understand your student during their life at Carleton.
  • Student’s Right to Privacy

    Information about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which defines specific rights of access and protection over student records.
  • Parental Notification

    Information about how Carleton communicates with parents regarding their adult student’s health and safety, grade reports, and disciplinary matters.
  • Policies and Procedures

    Selected excerpts from policies and procedures that may be of particular interest to parents.
  • Offices and Services

    A guide to the offices and services that you will likely interact with during your student's time at Carleton