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Review Quotes

The Devil In the Dooryard

"Smith has written an updated version of Santayana's The Last Puritan, a sardonic black comedy that shows we are still as haunted by the specters of savages and witches as were our ancestors; and that the pursuit of moral purity can produce evil results. An auspicious debut." --Library Journal

"Adroit, comic yet moving, crackling with flawless, cross-purpose dialogue, and decorously erotic." --New York Times Book Review

"An ambitious and accomplished debut…soundly constructed and written with confidence and polish." --Times Literary Supplement

"Daring in its conception, and…hellishly readable." --The Observer

"Resonates with the themes of mythic America and is driven by a real story, a plot that keeps one turning pages and leaves one deeply moved, sweetly saddened with a touch of qualified hope by the outcome…the most impressive piece of fiction I’ve read in a long time." --Brunswick Time-Record

The Divine Comedy of John Venner

"Fast-paced morality tale…a delight to the end. Smith is a fine stylist, subtle, witty and learned." --Kirkus Reviews

"This is an intelligent and hilarious little novel… comic and serious, poignant and satiric, it brings you at times to break-out-loud laughter. [Smith] is an intellectual and witty writer, using his considerable powers with elegant precision." --Washington Post Book World

"An entertaining blend of comedic buffoonery and subtle seriousness, Smith’s work is lusciously creative and completely engaging." --Booklist

"Venner’s sexual escapades evolve into a not just funny meditation on the nature of love, both fleshly and spiritual." --The New Yorker

"A Notable Book of the Year." --New York Times Book Review

The Madonna of Las Vegas

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