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Tuesday 09/16/2014

  • John Tischer '71: Beef Heartedness (for Captain Beefheart)

    Dwelling in that man’s mind
    is as if your heart was an 
    open sore. Life in situ, before
    corrupted by education. It dug
    itself out of everydaddy life…
    his parents left him to discover.

    Beefheart flourished in Mojave.
    The ... more
  • John Tischer '71: Aphorism

    Wondering about what you should do with your life is  
    ignoring that you are already doing something with it.
  • John Tischer '71: Centrifuge

    It’s all going down the drain…
    you can hear it in the music,
    the swirling repeating idioms….
    elevator music for the apocalypse…
    whenever there is a lull 
    in the bombing. 

    “The faster we go, the rounder we get.”

    That ... more
  • John Tischer '71: Blues Poan

    No, you have to explain to me,
    I don’t have an answer. I have
    to see that you don’t have one 
  • Dan Schofer '00: 9-16-2014

    Standing Rock + Light Road . 54 minutes. 8 miles.
    Cool (45 degrees), sunny, and calm. Warm-up 1.5 miles, then 4x100 strides. Then 4 x 1 mile with 60 seconds rest: 5:44, 5:47, 5:42, 5:46 (avg. 5:44.9, rest avg. ... more
  • Dan Schofer '00: 9-15-2014

    Lisbon. 30 minutes. 4 miles.
    Mild, nice. Out in 15:43, back in 14:20. Felt OK.
  • John Tischer '71: G'Day

    How’s your life, your freedom?
    Still looking for it, waiting for it,
    planning for it, preoccupied
    with it? 

    Can you project how much time
    in your life you will remain a slave?
    Do you think you really have a ... more
  • Ken Wedding's CompGov Blog: Nation, state, country

    This op-ed essay about the vote for Scottish independence is worth the time it takes to sort out the analysis (that includes references to Thomas Hobbes).

    BTW, does writer Neil Irwin properly use the terms nation, state, country, government, and ... more
  • Carleton Athletics: Football: Brandt Davis recognized as MIAC Special Teams Athlete-of-the-Week

    The Carleton football team scored its first victory of the season Saturday with a 40-14 win over Knox, and the leg of kicker Brandt Davis was a big factor in the victory. The Knights sophomore sent all six of his ... more

Monday 09/15/2014

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