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Monday 07/18/2016

Sunday 07/17/2016

  • John Tischer '71: Poem For S.

    Can't really be a love poem,
    could be a poem about love...
    why not, no investment that way...
    just love of just being real, genuine,
    with someone, no matter how long,
    an hour, or even less...
    good enough to ... more
  • Kurt Kohlstedt '02: Stopped Steps: 10 Declining Abandoned Escalators

    [ By Steve in Abandoned Places & Architecture . ]


    Well, that did NOT escalate quickly. These busted up and broken down abandoned escalators won’t be devouring any CROC plastic sandals anytime soon.



    An outdoor escalator? In damp, rainy ... more

  • John Tischer '71: Mango's

    I'm here, but, technically,
    the place is still empty.
    A hot dog will manifest
    and disappear.
    Taste will happen.
    The Blues will echo
    in the empty room.
    Don't call me a wiener,
    ' cause I got nothing to lose. ... more
  • John Tischer '71: Coup Du Jour

    Might as well...
    turkey soup,
    with a faint flavor
    of fusel oil
    and naphtha,
    100 proof...
    if it doesn't sate your appetites,
    just wait for just deserts.

  • Tom Swift: Angst

    The Triple Concerto contrasts sharply with the other music [Ludwig van] Beethoven was composing in these years. Whereas [in] the ‘Eroica’ the opera and two piano sonatas burn with a burn of urgency and dramatic fury, the Triple Concerto lacks ... more

Saturday 07/16/2016

Friday 07/15/2016

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