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Thursday 06/18/2015

  • Dan Schofer '00: 6-17-2015

    Treadmill. 8 minutes. 1 mile.
    Elliptical 50 minutes steady, then 10 minutes on the bike (1 min easy/1 min hard). Then 1 mile test run on the treadmill. Hip felt OK, no pain.
  • John Tischer '71: "Don't Scare The Straight People"

    This is an aphorism that came out
    of taking LSD in the Sixties. It came
    about because trippers were wont to
    behave a bit...strangely, and, if you 
    weren't on that bus, you were definitely
    off of it. Mixing that ... more
  • Ken Wedding's CompGov Blog: Speculation (political and journalistic)

    It's eight months before the legislative elections in Iran, but people are planning for them. And journalists are speculating on what a few public statements mean.

    Pay attention to the differences between what the politicians say and what the journalists ... more

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