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Awards & Recognition

Each year at Reunion, we honor alumni and friends who are receiving Alumni Association Awards for distinguished achievement and exceptional service. We also induct alumni varsity athletes of distinction into the 'C' Club Hall of Fame.

2013 Honorees

Annual Alumni Association Awards

During the Reunion convocation, we will recognize the following recipients of Alumni Association Awards

  • Yvonne Connolly Martin, ’58, Distinguished Achievement 
  • Elaine Johnson Tatham, ’58, Distinguished Achievement 
  • Michael L. Tuck, ’58, Distinguished Achievement 
  • John Cairns, ’63, Distinguished Achievement 
  • Alan D. Fiala, ’63, Distinguished Achievement
  • Barbara Thomsen Sample, ’63, Distinguished Achievement
  • Carolyn Williamson Nelson, ’63, Distinguished Achievement
  • Herbert A. Fritch, ’73, Distinguished Achievement
  • Douglas L. Wood ’73, Distinguished Achievement
  • Michael C. Connelly, ’83, Distinguished Achievement
  • Stephen Six, ’88, Distinguished Achievement
  • William M. Bracken, ’63, Exceptional Service
  • Robert G. Seddig, ’63, Exceptional Service
  • Candace Larson Williams, ’72, Exceptional Service
  • Don J. Frost, ’83, Exceptional Service
  • Robert H. Spence, ’88, Exceptional Service
  • Arijit Guha, ’03, In the Spirit
  • Elizabeth A. Krebs, ’03, In the Spirit
  • Garret M. Westlake, ’03, In the Spirit
  • Peter V. Varnum, ’08, In the Spirit
  • Claire Yanjing Du, ’08, In the Spirit

'C' Club Hall of Fame

The 'C' Club honors varsity athletes of distinction. At the 2012 Reunion, we welcome these four alumni athletes into the Hall of Fame:

  • Laura Bloedorn Neirby '03, Cross Country and Track and Field
  • Troy Ethen '88, Football
  • Max Harper '98, Swimming and Diving
  • Kenneth Potts '83, Swimming and Diving 
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