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Who's Coming?

The lists below show attendees' preferred names as listed in Carleton's alumni database. Name tags generated for Reunion weekend reflect any other preference entered during registration.

All alumni, regardless of class affiliation, are welcome to attend Reunion each year!

128 attendee(s) for the class of 1999

AttendeesFromDate Registered
Ingrid Anderson and Chris HerlihyTNMarch 1
Erin Begnal and Damian UrciuoliMDApril 22
Emily Borman-Shoap and C.G. Shoap ’98
  • Edward Shoap
  • Oscar Shoap
MNMarch 20
Josh Brandt and Brooke (Harnden) BrandtORApril 5
Aaron Brosam and Dr. Kristen C. Case
  • Ava Brosam
MNMay 20
Dr. Kristen C. CaseMNJune 19
Ms. Virginia W. BrownMNJune 19
Jason Burge, Molly A. Tilley, and M.D.
  • Jack Burge
  • Madeline Burge
ORMarch 7
Molly A. Tilley, M.D.ORJune 19
Ms. Emily O. Burton and Dominic Vacca
  • Iva Vacca
  • Lark Vacca
ORJune 19
Sarah ButterfieldILMay 1
Marin ByrneMNMay 29
Sarah E. Cabbage, Ph.D. and Ryan KeithWAJune 19
Anne (Carlson) Carlson Rosenbaum and Joel Rosenbaum
  • Luke Rosenbaum
PAJune 1
Joshua CarterILJune 20
Alison (Reb) Coppelman and Adam CoppelmanILMay 14
Rachel DavisCAMay 29
Becky Deason and Robert Anderson
  • Emma Anderson
TXMay 16
Bill Dicks and Stephanie GrayILMay 29
Sarah Doerr and Dennis Olsen
  • Max Doerr-Olsen
MNApril 23
Gregg EricksonMNJune 20
Janaki Fisher-MerrittMNJune 21
Erika (Pearson) FordWIMay 9
Mr. David J. GrussingMNJune 19
Michelle Hamm ’94, Paul T. Nyffeler, and Ph.D.VAMarch 20
Paul T. Nyffeler, Ph.D.VAJune 19
Cynthia (Craig) Harper and Max Harper ’98
  • Clay Harper
  • Ivy Harper
MNJune 19
Andrew Hedden and Lisa (Cawley) Hedden ’01MNApril 30
Margaret (Hyde) Hillman and Paul Hillman ’97
  • Katie Hillman
  • Nick Hillman
MOMay 3
Kate Hofmann and Nick Carlson
  • Maya Carlson
MIMay 21
Nathaniel HolmesMNJune 20
David InfangerMNMay 31
Josh Jackson and Phuongdiep Nguyen
  • Owen Jackson
PAApril 8
Lisa (Jacobson) Jacobson Flood and Adam Flood ’01
  • Esme Flood
  • Owen Flood
MNApril 29
Jaynie Leung and Nathan Opsata
  • Neve Opsata
MNApril 29
Marcus LyMNMarch 12
Alden (Mahler) Mahler LevineGAMarch 21
Jen (McGill-Rupp) Margolis and Dan Margolis ’90
  • Sylvia Margolis
  • Will Margolis
OHMarch 1
Kerry (Hansen) MeskinWIApril 29
Hope (Altenbaumer) Molozaiy and Alexander Molozaiy
  • Henry Molozaiy
  • Margaret Molozaiy
ILMay 7
Greg NaylorMNApril 21
Ms. Jessica W. Nelson and Joe Slag ’98
  • Freya Slag
MNJune 19
Travis OlivesJune 20
Mr. Warren S. Overholt and Anne Buffington ’01MDJune 19
Kelly (Miller) Pierce and Ben Pierce ’98MNJune 19
Andy QuistMNJune 20
Christina RaderNCApril 22
Melissa Rohrer and Darren JantziWIMarch 14
Barry RustNYJune 1
Heideh SarfehjooMNMay 31
Ashley ShortMDMay 18
Mr. David S. ShulmanMDJune 19
Mike SmithAZMay 2
Sara C. Steenrod, Ph.D. and Brandon WolfNYJune 19
Andrew SwanlundILApril 3
Chris Turner and Angela DeRiggiNYMay 1
Mr. Michael A. TurpinMNJune 19
Andrew UllandMNMarch 1
Anne (Valaas) Valaas-Turner and Colin Turner
  • Otto Turner
  • Penelope Turner
MNJune 19
Chuck Van Nostrand and Amanda PutzkeMNApril 30
Kristin (Waitt) Wait HutchinsonWAApril 3
Shira WeidenbaumCanadaMay 22
John WeissWAMarch 12
Kirstin Whitmore and Larry Richmond ’98
  • Damon Richmond
  • Quinn Richmond
MNMarch 1
Mr. Samuel A. Wiant and Monica (Czernek) WiantMNJune 19
Josh WilhelmMay 1
Jenn WillsonWAJune 4
Ms. Sarah A. Wolfson and Gary BrouhardCanadaJune 19
Mr. Brandon C. YerxaMNJune 19
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