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Who Came to Reunion 2014?

The lists below show attendees' preferred names as listed in Carleton's alumni database. Name tags generated for Reunion weekend reflect any other preference entered during registration.

All alumni, regardless of class affiliation, are welcome to attend Reunion each year!

32 attendee(s) who majored in Philosophy

Attendees by class yearFromDate Registered
Professor Emeritus David A. Sipfle ’53MNJune 19
Ann (Patterson) Buran ’54MNJune 19
Robert Morris Gordon, Ph.D. ’54MOJune 19
Ruth Anne (Hicks) Doud ’55FLJune 19
Mr. Donald R. Brustman ’59MNJune 19
Don Klinefelter ’59TNApril 15
Mr. Robert W. Nelson ’62FLJune 19
Dr. Carolyn M. Dry ’64MNJune 19
David Loy ’69COMarch 1
Joe Schuman ’69ILApril 21
Ms. Starr Lyn Tomczak ’69NYJune 19
Mr. James R. Mueller ’73MOJune 19
Alan Bauer ’74CAMay 14
Matt Finucane ’74DCApril 10
Ms. Pamela K. Luecke ’74VAJune 19
Ha Seha ’80MNJune 13
Mr. Thomas J. Stein ’81MNJune 19
John Collins ’89NCMay 1
David Hudson ’89ORApril 26
Mr. Marc A. Walwyn ’89TNJune 19
Mr. Craig Thomas Borowiak ’94PAJune 19
Tom McGeveran ’94NYMay 13
Mr. Joseph M. Slag ’98MNJune 19
Mr. William S. Sierzchula ’03WIJune 19
Ian Jura-Baum ’04MNApril 28
Mr. Adam J. Hallbeck ’09MNJune 19
Jake Hilty ’09OHApril 22
Mr. William K. Huynh ’09June 19
Pete Jones ’09MAMarch 4
Ms. Erinrose S. Mager ’09MOJune 19
Andy McMahon ’09DCMay 3
Mr. Ryan A. Smith ’09WIJune 19
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