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Who's Coming?

The lists below show attendees' preferred names as listed in Carleton's alumni database. Name tags generated for Reunion weekend reflect any other preference entered during registration.

All alumni, regardless of class affiliation, are welcome to attend Reunion each year!

51 attendee(s) who majored in Religion

Attendees by class yearFromDate Registered
Doug Benson ’63MNJune 12
Willy (Treadwell) Jacobson ’64MNApril 20
Ms. Pat Lee ’64AZJune 19
Burt Purrington ’64MIApril 26
Nancy (Staab) Traer ’64CAJune 19
Robin (Jaeckle) Grawe ’69MNJune 19
Takashi Kodera ’69MAMarch 18
Lorna (Young) Truck ’69IAMarch 1
Janice (Woodhouse) Barbee ’74MNApril 21
Cantor Neil L. Schwartz ’75MNJune 19
Ms. Catherine Boebel Grotenhuis ’78MNJune 19
Mr. Rainer Kern ’79MAJune 19
Ajahn (LaBresh) Chandako ’84March 24
Karen Cobb ’84NMMay 30
Charles E. Jones, J.D. ’84MNJune 19
Lizzie Lathrop ’84MNMay 2
Dr. Paul W. Bogard ’89VAJune 19
Amy Carr ’89ILMarch 23
AnnElise (Bergstrom) Edeburn ’89MNJune 19
Ingrid Erickson ’89NYMay 30
John Gibson ’89IDApril 26
David Giglio ’89WAMarch 5
Ms. Joanne B. Mandt ’89WIJune 19
Anne Matz ’89ILMarch 3
Sarah (Martin) Martin Busse ’94WIJune 19
David M. Cloutier, Ph.D. ’94MDJune 19
Alex DeArmond ’94MNMay 31
Trent Hone ’94VAMarch 10
Mr. Kazuyoshi E. Yamada ’94ILJune 19
Mr. David J. Risk ’94MNJune 19
Mr. Adam H. Stewart ’94ILJune 19
Adam Flood ’01MNApril 29
Britta Blodgett ’04NYMarch 1
Carrie (Cox) Bradean ’04ILJune 19
John Gabrielson ’04MNMay 29
Kate Alper ’09CAMay 16
Katie Berringer ’09ILApril 30
Hannah Campbell Gustafson ’09ILApril 10
Mr. Kevin J. Close ’09UTJune 19
Jack Delehanty ’09MNMarch 2
Dave Granzotto ’09CAMarch 12
Ms. Sarah C. Hashmall ’09June 19
Ms. Emily T. Ho ’09MAJune 19
Ms. Kathryn E. Sheriff ’09June 19
Nick Merkelson ’09NYMarch 3
Ms. Amanda M. Otero ’09NDJune 19
Jackie Perlow ’09PAMay 5
Carolyn Schulte ’09ORApril 8
Ms. Laura M. Shatzer ’09MAJune 19
Andrew Weber ’09CAApril 30
Rikka Wommack ’09MTApril 4
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