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    Created 19 June 2015; Published 1 July 2015
    Reunion Convocation 2015

    Annual meeting of the Carleton Alumni Assoc. with keynote by President Poskanzer

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    Created 21 June 2015; Published 1 July 2015
    Alumni Interfaith Service of Remembrance and Celebration

    All Class Interfaith Service

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    Created 19 June 2015; Published 1 July 2015
    Alumni College: Journalism, Politics, and "The Me Network"

    Journalism, Politics and The Me Network: Panel presentation by Rush Holt '70, David Welna '80, Dan Schnur '85, and Tom Freedman '85. Advances in communications technology have contributed to what New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof calls "The Me Network" These trends have empowered news audiences but have also made it easier for consumers to isolate themselves ideologically with news and opinion sources that reinforce existing beliefs. In this presentation, our panelists will offer insider's perspectives on this timely issue.

    Rush Holt '70, a former U.S. Representative, is CEO and Executive Publisher of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. David Welna '80 is National Security Correspondent for National Public Radio. Dan Schnur '85 is Executive Director of the Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics at the University of Southern California. Tom Freedman '85 served as Senior Advisor to President Bill Clinton today is president of Freedman Consulting, a strategic consulting firm.

  • A placard image for media work 2015_06_19_Alumni_College_The_Present_and_Future_of_Liberal_Arts_colleges_in_The_US_Forster_60_60493
    Created 19 June 2015; Published 1 July 2015
    Alumni College: The Present and Future of Liberal Arts Colleges

    n this session, Dean of the College Beverly Nagel '75 and Susan Ashley '65, former Dean of Colorado College, will discuss the status of liberal education today. Is there a crisis as some say? What sort of crisis? And why?

  • A placard image for media work 2015_06_20_The_Nason_Era_to_Today.mp4
    Created 20 June 2015; Published 1 July 2015
    Alumni College: Carleton Reflections: The Nason Era and Its Legacy with Prof. Emeritus Bardwell Smith

    In this talk, Bardwell Smith will offer a sense of what Carleton was like when he arrived in 1960 and reflect on how the college evolved, in part because of a rapidly changing social scene, into an institution with a significantly more inclusive and transparent governance system, a richer curriculum, a much more diverse student body and faculty, and a more systematic evaluation of faculty than had ever existed before.

    Imagining it almost as a Rip Van Winkle moment, if one had experienced Carleton prior to the mid-60s and then returned, as if from a dream, decades later, one would discover an unimaginably new world and recognize how the evolving educational process is almost completely different than it was fifty years ago.

  • A placard image for media work 2015_6_19_ABeaconSoBrightTheLifeOfLaurenceMcKinleyGould_TBD_15-14_.mp4
    Created 19 June 2015; Published 1 July 2015
    A Beacon So Bright: The Life of Laurence McKinley Gould with College Archivist Eric Hillemann

    Carleton College Senior Associate in Archives Eric Hillemann will offer a presentation on his biography "A Beacon So Bright: The Life of Laurence McKinley Gould," chronicling the namesake of the College's library, a man who served for thirty years as a professor of geology and as Carleton's "colorful and charismatic" fourth president. A book signing will follow the lecture.

  • A placard image for media work 2015_6_19_Alumni College Intergenerational Panel on Education Ways to move forward.mp4
    Created 19 June 2015; Published 1 July 2015
    Alumni College: Intergenerational Panel on Education

    This panel brings multiple perspectives to an exploration of key issues facing K-12 education such as the achievement gap, use of technology, the push for common core standards, the appropriate uses of standardized tests, etc.  In this session, alumni experts—teachers, administrators, policy-makers, and parents from various types of schools around the country—will reflect on pressing questions facing K-12 education and offer their perspectives and advice. Realizing that this session will only scratch the surface of the topic, lunchtime table discussions will be arranged immediately following the presentation for those who wish to continue the conversation.

    Panelists include: Mike Lovett '70, Superintendent at White Bear Lake Area Schools; Joe Nathan '70, Director, Center for School Change at Higher Ground Academy; Jennifer George '70, retired teacher, LA Unified School District; Kaye White '70, retired teacher, Edgemont Union Free School District, NY; Steve Maack '90, IB English Teacher, English Dept. Chair at Witchita High School East; Kelly Grucelski '05; Erin Sterling ’05

  • A placard image for media work 2015_6_19_Quasi-Fictional_Places/The_Nirthfolde_Visitors_Bureau_and_Other_Original_Facismiles.m4v
    Created 19 June 2015; Published 20 June 2015
    Alumni College: The Nirthfolde Visitors' Bureau with Prof. David Lefkowitz '85

    Quasi-Fictional Places: The Nirthfolde Visitors' Bureau and Other Original Facismiles, an Alumni College presentation and exhibition by Associate Professor of Art David Lefkowitz '85.

    Nirthfolde: Northfield, Slightly Askew. A bucolic, yet bustling burg situated in a parallel universe that neatly overlaps Northfield, Minnesota has existed relatively unnoticed for over a century and a half. That situation was remedied by the occupation, for a limited time in 2013, of a Visitors' Bureau on the premises of the Northfield Arts Guild Gallery. Created by artists David Lefkowitz '85 and Doug Bratland, the installation included misinformation panels, ahistorical artifacts, and other displays that were guaranteed to perplex and amaze. Lefkowitz will reflect on the project and its impact during this presentation.

  • A placard image for media work 2015_6_19_The Sound of Stalinism_Music and Politics in Cold War Central Europe_Forster_16-12_60494.mp4
    Created 19 June 2015; Published 1 July 2015
    Alumni College: Sound of Stalinism: Music/Politics in Cold War Europe with Prof. David Tompkins

    Music, as part of culture more broadly, played a crucial role in creating and maintaining the communist regimes in Central Europe. David Tompkins, Associate Professor of History and Director of European Studies, will contextualize and play some of the 'hit' mass songs of the era, and will provide a brief coda on music in Russia today.

  • A placard image for media work 2015_06_20_Science_and_Forest_Fires_in_National_Parks_with_John_Vankat_65
    Created 20 June 2015; Published 1 July 2015
    "I Want Vankat out of the Park": Science and Forest Fires in National Parks. Fire ecology and changes in fire management by John Vankat '65.

    "I Want Vankat out of the Park": Science and Forest Fires in National Parks

    The management of forest fires has dramatically changed in the last 50 years, from suppressing all fires to using fire as a land-management tool. This presentation focuses on fire ecology in exploring past and present management of forest fires in U.S. National Parks. Personal experiences illustrate science influencing fire-management decisions, as well as bumping up against Park politics in a truly incendiary manner.

  • A placard image for media work 2015_6_19_IndianFolkArtSueWadley_Gardner_60492.mp4
    Created 19 June 2015; Published 1 July 2015
    Indian Folk Art with Sue Wadley '65

    While we often think of women in India, especially rural women, as having little voice as well as little knowledge about the wider world, art from the Madhubani, Bihar region (also known as Mithila art) demonstrates the clarity with which women often see the world around them, especially as related to women's lives. Based on paintings done by women from the small town and nearby villages of Madhubani, Susan Wadley illustrates the topics that are featured by rural female folk painters in the 21st century and their insightful comments on their world made via their painting.

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