SAC Representatives

The campus is divided into five geographic areas. One representative and one alternate represent each area.

East Side

  • Representative: Tami Little
  • Alternate: Pamela Groves-Gaggioli
  • Buildings represented:
  • Boliou Hall
    Computing & Math Center (CMC
  • )
  • Cowling Hall
    Goodsell Observatory
    Hulings Hall
    Language & Dining Center (LDC)
    Mudd Hall
    Music Hall
    Olin Hall
    Recreation Center


  • Representative: Dee Menning
  • Alternate: Becky Krogh
  • Buildings represented:
  • West Gymnasium
    Gould Library
    Laird Hall


  • Representative: Sandy Saari
  • Alternate: open


  • Representative: Andrea Kubinski
  • Alternative: open
  • Buildings represented:
  • Sayles-Hill Campus Center
    Severance Hall

South Side

  • Representative: Tricia Peterson
  • Alternate: Kristen Askeland
  • Buildings represented:
  • 200 Division
    Bird House
    Davis Hall
    Henry House
    Hoppin House
    Johnson House
    Musser Hall
    Strong House
    Skinner Chapel
  •  Hall
    Weitz Center
    Willis Hall

Buildings and Geographic Areas represented by SAC members

Building SAC Geographic Area
200 Division South Side
Bird House South Side
Boliou Hall East Side
Center for Math & Computing (CMC) East Side
Cowling Hall East Side
Davis Hall South Side
Facilities Building West Side
Goodsell Observatory East Side
Gould Library Central
Henry House South Side
Hoppin House South Side
Hulings Hall East Side
Johnson House South Side
Laird Hall Central
Laird Stadium West Side
Language & Dining Center (LDC) East Side
Leighton Hall Leighton
Mudd Hall East Side
Music Hall East Side
Musser Hall South Side
Olin Hall East Side
Recreation Center East Side
Sayles-Hill Campus Center West Side
Scoville Hall South Side
Severance Hall West Side
Skinner Memorial Chapel South Side
Strong House South Side
TRIO/SSS South Side
Weitz Center for Creativity South Side
West Gym Central
Willis Hall South Side