Summer Housing

ELIGIBILITY: Full-time students who have a paid position at Carleton averaging at least 20-hours per week during the summer or students who have an internship through the Career Center are eligible to live in College housing for the summer from Sunday, June 15 until Fall Term Opening on September 9. Students who are graduating are not eligible for summer housing. You and your Carleton summer employer or the Program Director of your Internship must sign the application before it is submitted for summer housing.

SPECIAL HOUSING ACCOMMODATIONS: If you have special housing accommodations, please inform the Office of Residential Life in writing by Monday, May 12.

COST: Rent is $70 a week for room only. The billing weeks run from Sunday to Saturday. We cannot adjust the billings for students who are not in-residence during their entire summer housing reservation. (i.e  If you move into summer housing on June 15 and move out of summer housing on July 31 you will be billed for 7 weeks of summer housing.  If you are planning on going on vacation for one week within your summer housing stay you will still be billed for the 7 weeks.)

APPLICATION DUE: Applications are due in the Office of Residential Life, Sevy G10, before 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 13. Applications received after May 13 will not receive a draw number and will be assigned a room only if space is available.

ROOMS AVAILABLE FOR THE SUMMER: Summer residents will be housed in Musser Hall from June 15 to July 5 and then from July 6 to August 28 will be housed in Evans Hall. Residents must complete their move from Musser to Evans between noon on Wednesday, July 2 and noon on Tuesday, July 8.  Please note that summer housing is not air-conditioned and residents may not install air-conditioners. Available housing will be posted online one week prior to the application deadline.

SUMMER HOUSING DRAW: Summer Housing Draw numbers will be posted on this website and outside of the Office of Residential Life on Thursday, May 22. Rooms will be drawn by you or your proxy.  You will be drawing a room in Evans Hall.  All rooms must be filled to capacity at room draw. Example: If you are drawing a triple you must have three students living in the triple.  Room assignments will be made by the Residential Life Office staff for the time summer housing occurs in Musser.  Summer Room Draw is Monday, May 26 at 8:15 a.m.  If you cannot attend Summer Room Draw, please designate a proxy by using the Summer Draw Proxy Form located on this webpage.

COMMENCEMENT HOUSING: Summer Residents needing housing from June 10 through June 14 will need to reserve Commencement Week Housing. The charge for Commencement Week Housing is $120, which includes meals through Saturday lunch. The Commencement Week Housing Reservation form for summer residents is at the bottom of the Summer Housing Reservation form.  Summer Residents staying on campus during Commencement Week will move into Musser on Sunday, June 15.

EARLY ARRIVAL HOUSING: If you choose to stay on campus after August 28, you will be moving into your Fall Term room assignment on August 28. The cost to stay on campus from August 28 until upper-class students' return in September is $240. This cost includes meals in the dining hall starting Monday, September 1.


Summer Break RA Application