Housing Selection Advisory Committee (HSAC)

The Housing Selection Advisory Committee (HSAC) works with Residential Life staff on all aspects of student housing at Carleton, specifically including Room Draw and housing policy review.  This is an active committee that has significant input into some of the very basic parts of housing in general and the Room Draw process specifically.  The committee meets for one hour every other week beginning in January (generally during an evening meal time) and has a significant time commitment during Room Draw (May 12, 13 and 15). 

If you are interested in being part of HSAC, apply today using the Application Form below!

If you have questions about HSAC, Room Draw, or Housing Policy/Procedure, please feel free to contact any members of the Housing Selection Advisory Committee or Residential Life. Any Residential Life staff member can answer your questions about Room Draw.

Click the Application Form Link Below to Apply!  Applications are due Wednesday, October 20th @ 4:00pm

Housing Selection Advisory Committee Members

(HSAC) is composed of an Area Director Committee Chair, 6 Resident Assistants (RA's), 6-8 other selected students who are chosen by the committee. 

Committee Chairs

Patrick Gordon, Area Director - Myers Hall & Nourse Hall
-EMAIL: pgordon@carleton.edu
-OFFICE:  Burton 03
-PHONE:  x4500 (507-222-4500)

Greta Simons, Area Director - Watson Hall & East Side Houses
-EMAIL: gsimons@carleton.edu
-OFFICE: Watson 123
-PHONE: x4093 (507-222-4500)1

RA Representatives

Kelsey Cox 14'- 4th Davis
Callie Gonyea 14' - 4th Nourse
Rowan Matney 16'- 4th Cassat
Tim Olson 16'- 3rd Musser
Hiyanthi Peiris 15'- 3rd Evans
Grace Whitmore 14' - Rice House

Student Representatives

Claudia Schachter 15’ (returning)

Laramie Jensen 15’ (returning)                            

Jill Poskanzer 15’ (returning)                               

Schuyler Rowe 14'  (returning)

Nayely Martinez 16 (returning)

Aleena Wilson 16  (returning)
Allie Clark 17’
Ben Pletta 16'
Jenny Zhang 16’
Clare Leahy 17’