Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does being an RA entail?
A: Check out the RA position description!

Q: How much do RAs get paid?
A: RAs receive annual compensation of a $2,758 room subsidy and a $3,000 stipend. In addition, RAs receive a stipend for the training conducted prior to classes starting fall term. They receive staff t-shirts, continuous leadership training throughout the year, leadership recognition, and funding toward their hall staff development activities.

Q: How do I apply to be a RA?
A: Potential applicants must complete an RA Application, submit a resume and ask two individuals to serve as references (including a current RA). Each applicant will participate in one group process, an individual interview with current RAs, and an individual interview with current Residential Life Staff Members.

Q: When I apply to be an RA, can I specify which floor I want? When do I find out about RA placement?
A: Each RA application has an area in which you can indicate a preference for where you would like to be placed (hall or house, sub-free, single-sex, etc.). Candidates who are hired will learn of their placement when the job is offered.

Q: Can an RA have a roommate?
A: RAs can choose to have one roommate. RAs living in rooms with an adjoining bathroom may choose to draw in their suitemates. Townhouse RAs may have two to four roommates depending on where they are assigned. RAs who are planning to go on an off-campus studies program one or two terms should not have a roommate.

Q: Can an RA have another on-campus job?
A: Additional work hours will only be considered if an RA has been awarded student employment as part of their financial aid award, will be off-campus at least one term during the same academic year, and has worked at least one term as an RA. All approvals will be for no more than three hours per week during the term and will not exceed their full work award.

Q: How do I apply to work additional hours while an RA?
A: Submit a written request to Amy Sillanpa, Associate Director of Residential Life, by emailing her. Amy will discuss your request with your Area Director, verify your eligibility, and notify Financial Services if you are approved for extra hours.

Q: Do you have a question not answered here?
A: Ask Res Life and they will respond shortly.