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Afro-Caribbean Association


  " Any man that tries to rob me of my dignity will lose"   - Nelson Mandela



 Le Pays des Mille Collines Joyful moments Lake Kivu                                   Conakry, Guinea  Intore  a positive light



              ACA stands for the Afro- Caribbean Association. The objectives of ACA is to increase African awareness, culture, values, and create an opportunity for students of African descent to socialize and interact. We intend to achieve our objectives by engaging in activities such as dance, drama,dinners, and discussions on African issues.


           The ACA currently has at least 10 members. Here are the bios of some of them.




Current Board

Co-Chairs: Tawa Alabi and Samir Rachid ( and

Public Relations: Samir Rachid (

Secretary: Jojo Kuria (

Treasurer: Jojo Kuria (