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CANOE TRIPS Spring 2015

We'll be adding more trips as we think of them. Possible adventures include spelunking, canoeing, and rock climbing. If you're on the CANOE email list, you'll receive emails with more information about the trips as they get closer. If you have questions or want to be added to the list, email watanabej

Weekly CANOE meetings are held on Tuesday night, 9:30PM to 10:30PM, at Chaney House, the house next to Watson. We welcome all...and as the great Jackson Bahn put it "test the seaworthyness of the couch-boat"

This term, Cam Shorb, along with other bird enthusiasts, at 07:00 Friday (mornings) are going to look for birds and collect data on the spring migration. The group will be leaving/ meeting from the Goodhue SuperLounge. Come to learn, to teach, or just to look and listen. Bring binoculars if you have them!!

Week 1:

  • Lunar Bonfire Friday 8:00 PM at the Hill of Three Oaks

Week 2:

  • Climbing at RedWing, Led by Rebecca McGehee and Drew Higgins

Week 3:

  • Willow River state park (1 night), Led by Miranda and Naomi

Week 4:

  • Canoe to the Mississippi, Led by Mara MacDonell and Kyra Bornong
  • Climbing at Sandstone, Led by Drew Higgins

Week 5:

  • Hiking the Superior Trail (2 nights), Led by Jake Wasserman and Bex Klafter
  • Long Walk, Led by Kathy Dooley and Willa Langworthy
  • Canoeing at the Boundary Waters, Led by Archie Fraser

Week 6:

  • St.Croix, Led by Sarah and Cam Shorb
  • Rock Climbing at Devils Lake, Led by Drew Higgins and David Cutler-Kreutz
  • Beach Camping, Led by Melissa

Week 7:

  • Spelunking, Led by Zephyr Lucas and Emma Link
  • Fishing, Led by Jackson, Jayne, and Zach

Week 8:

  • Whitewater rafting/ canoeing, Archie Fraser

Week 9:

  • **

Week 10:

  • **


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