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Past Events

MSPC Events – Fall Term 2009


- Pamela Middleton (Pre-Med Advisor) came to an MSPC meeting and introduced herself to the MSPC members

- Brent Nystrom (Career Center Counselor) held a forum sponsored by MSPC about winter break opportunities for pre-med students

- Mayo Medical Students came to talk about their experiences applying to medical school and being in medical school

Fundraising (Raised $400)

- Halloween Candy-gram Fundraising for SNMA conference (Fri, Oct. 30th 2009)

- Crêpe Fundraiser for SNMA conference (Thur., Nov. 19th - Fri., 20th 2009)


- Heidi Fjelstad (senior MSPC member) talked about her experience applying to medical school and gave some important advice to MSPC members

- Finalized MSPC T-Shirt Design

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