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Winter 2013 Tour Schedule

Monday 9:45: Natalie Reinhart and Kelsey Cox

Monday 11:15: Karen McCleary and Deborah Shapiro

Monday 2:00: Jessica Wu and Gwen Hogan

Tuesday 8:45: Zach Richmond and Carolyn Raithel

Tuesday 2:00: Rebecca Brown, Katharine Noakes, and Melanie Taub

Wednesday 11:15:  Mollie Weiss and Greg Michel      

Wednesday 2:00: Becky Katz, Lindsey Walters and Sophie Buchmueller

Thursday 8:45: Kelsey Mullins and Edward Malnar

Thursday 2:00: Holly Buttrey and Julie Leghorn

Friday 9:45: Katie Shaffer, Schuyler Rowe, and Maggie Smythe

Friday 1:15: Emily Turner, Stephanie Allen, and Alison Parker

Friday 2:30: Erica Sheline, Josh Carson, and Bill Grimm

Friday 3:30: Mitch Campbell, Thess Walcott, and Grace Whitmore

Saturday 11:00: Emily Massell, Benjamin Altshuler, Lily Gage, and Stephanie Lee

If you are unable to make your usual tour time, you can find a fill-in through the email list


Students are eligible to give tours of campus after their first term at Carleton. This year, our Tour Coordinator is David Cutler-Kreutz.