Fall 2016 Tour Schedule

Monday 8:45: Madi*, Madison Chambers, and Fiona Fraser

Monday 11:15: Sophia Gunn, Theresa Green, Calvin Phan*, and Avery Cheng*

Monday 2:00: Erick Sirisoukh*, Dorrian Jaffe, Maryam Hedayati, and Christina Tarazi

Tuesday 8:45: Erin Arnston and Agnes Tse*

Tuesday 2:00:  Marielle Foster,

Wednesday 8:45:  Bennett Herson-Roeser, Andrew Keene*, and Jenna Greene     

Wednesday 2:00: Shanti Penprase*, Thomas Hiura*, and Grace Pipes

Thursday 8:45: Emily Kaegi, and Andrew Ruvkun

Thursday 2:00: Alison Tilson,  and Veronica Child*

Friday 8:30:  Annie Zanger, and Ellis Johnston*

Friday 9:45: Alexandra Pozniak, , Jody He*, Evie Rosenberg*, and Olivia Glen-Rayner

Friday 1:15: Robbie Emmet*, Clara Livingston, and Brittany Brookner

Friday 2:30: Bex Clafter, and Rowan Matney*

Friday 3:30: Dana Spencer*, Emma Polson, and Katie Williams*

Saturday 9:00: Anne Guttridge, Erick Sirisoukh, Lydia Hanson, Nora Katz, and Ellen Carter*

Saturday 11:00: Alyssa Neidhart, Lizzy Ehren, Michael Stoneman*, Koehler Powell*, Margaret Schaff, and Jack Wege

*refers to slot leaders

If you are unable to make your usual tour time, you can find a fill-in through the email list


Students are eligible to give tours of campus after their first term at Carleton. This year, our Tour Coordinator is Ellis Johnston