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Student Health and Counseling (SHAC)

Hours and Services

We offer medical and mental health services to all Carleton students Monday-Friday 9am-6pm. (Extended medical appointment hours are on Mondays until 8 pm.) Explore this site to find out more about how to access care and the variety of services offered.

We are committed to providing services that help students meet their physical and mental health needs from a holistic perspective, with a focus on education for life-long learning and health. 

  • New Student Information

    Information about and directions for submitting required Immunization information and the Tuberculosis (TB) Risk Assessment Form by August 1, 2014.
  • Make An Appointment

  • Online Student Health (OSH)

    Secure online portal which allows students online medical scheduling, increased access to care, communications, and portions of their medical records.
  • Services Offered

    An overview of the health and counseling services offered and summary of recent changes within the clinic.
  • Medical Services

    Description of medical services, including fees, birth control, immunization and vaccinations, and sexual assault resources.
  • Counseling Services

    Student Health and Counseling offers a variety of mental health services, including short term individual counseling free of charge to all Carleton students.
  • If You Are Sick

    Information about resources available to sick Carleton students, both on and off-campus.
  • After Hours/Emergency

    How to access medical care and mental health services after hours and during an emergency.
  • Northfield Health Resources

    Information about the various health resources in Northfield.
  • Forms

    This page contains many of the forms related to medical and counseling services.
  • SHAC Staff

    Staff contact information
  • SWAs

    The Student Wellness Advocates (SWAs) are Carleton students who work with the Student Health and Counseling team to facilitate health-related workshops and encourage Carleton students to lead healthy and balanced lives.
  • Advanced Practicum Training Program

    Information about the Advanced Practicum Training Program in Student Health and Counseling.