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Support Groups

Student Health and Counseling offers counseling groups throughout the academic year. If you would like a counseling group for an area of interest, please talk with any of the staff psychologists in Student Health and Counseling, or call SHAC for an intake interview at (507) 222-4080.

Current counseling groups include:

Eating Disorders Group

Spring term 2014 - Date & Time TBD

A group for those needing support and wanting to discuss the challenges that occur around issues of eating and body image. Please contact psychologist Leah Wellstone at or call Student Health and Counseling at 222-4080 for more information.

Other Groups that have run in the past:

Groups will be created as needed to meet student requests. If you would like a group that you don't see here, call Student Health and Counseling (507-222-4080) and request it.  Past Groups have included: Coming Out, Mastering The Transition To College, Support for Survivors of Unwanted Sexual Experiences, Self-Esteem Workshop, Grief Support, Off-Campus Programs Re-entry Support, Men's Group, Overcoming Social Anxiety