Immunizations and Vaccinations

Immunizations Available On Campus:

Flu vaccine clinics were held during the 2015-2016 academic year as follows:

  • Wednesday, October 28 (12pm-4pm)
    Thursday, October 29 (4pm-8pm)
  • Location: Severance Great Hall

Students may receive other immunizations (see below) during the flu vaccine clinic if you call Homeland Health Specialists (877-746-8060) to pre-register.

2015-2016 Monthly Immunization Clinics: Homeland Health Specialists administer vaccinations at SHAC monthly. 2015-2016 clinics will take place between noon and 1pm on the following Tuesdays: Sep. 22; Nov. 17; Jan. 19; Feb. 23; Apr. 12; and May 17. Please call to pre-register (877-746-8060) at least a week before the scheduled dates. (Note: The October clinic has been moved to coincide with the Flu Vaccination clinics.)

Homeland Health Specialists offer a variety of immunizations:  

  • Influenza (injection or mist): $35*
  • Tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough: $60*
  • Hepatitis A: $85 each (series of 2 required to be fully immunized)
  • Hepatitis B: $90 each (series of 3 is required to be fully immunized)
  • MMR: $100
  • Meningococcal: $150
  • HPV: $200 each (series of 3 is required to be fully immunized)
  • Rabies: $800 (3 doses)

* = Homeland Health Specialists will accept Carleton-sponsored Insurance ("Student Injury and Sickness Plan") for these vaccinations, but students may not always be fully reimbursed the above amounts. Contact SHAC for details.

Immunizations Available at Local Clinics:

If the on-campus immunization clinic dates are inconvenient, you may receive immunizations at the following Northfield Clinics:

Allina Medical Clinic
Northfield Urgent Care

Family Health Medical Clinic (for lowest cost at this clinic, visit SHAC medical services first)

  • You will need to use your insurance for off-campus care.
  • Carleton-sponsored Insurance ("Student Injury and Sickness Plan") covers most of the above immunizations.  It does NOT cover the Rabies vaccine.

First Year Students:

Click here to see the immunizations required before coming to Carleton (per Minnesota state law.)

Immunization Records Request Process:

To obtain a copy of your immunization record after leaving Carleton:

  • Mail, email, or fax the Immunization Records Request Form to Student Health and Counseling. The request needs to include your name, birth date, graduation year, written signature and the name, address and/or fax number of where you want the information sent/faxed. We will process your request as soon as possible.
  • Student Health and Counseling is open limited hours in the summer, therefore please request your records early enough for your request to be accommodated during our shortened summer office hours.
  • Student health records are kept for 8 years after the date of graduation.