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We are currently hiring faculty for CSSI 2015.  We will be updating the professor list for 2015 as faculty confirm their research with our office.

Jennifer WolffJennifer Wolff is a developmental biologist interested in the embryonic development of the nervous system. She is currently using genetic and molecular approaches to investigate how male-specific neurons that influence mating arise during development in the model organism C. elegans. She teaches Animal Developmental Biology, Developmental Neurobiology, Genetics, and Introductory Biology.



Annie BosackerAnnie Bosacker received her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in 2008. She is an animal behaviorist, and her primary interest is in the social behavior of primates. She studies a population of baboons living in Gombe National Park, Tanzania. Annie is particularly interested in how social circumstances influence an individual’s exposure to stress and how the negative effects of stress might influence the evolution of social behaviors. Annie is a visiting professor in the Department of Biology and the director of Carleton’s Marine Ecology program in Australia.



Will HollingsworthWill Hollingsworth earned his Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of California at Berkeley in 1982. He is a physical chemist whose research interests involve a laser-based form of spectroscopy that shoots an intense focused visible beam at gas-phase molecules and picks up the pieces after the molecule falls apart. He regularly teaches environmental chemistry, quantum mechanics and spectroscopy in the chemistry department and sometimes gets out to teach a class for environmental studies.


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