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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who's eligible for SWP?

Eligible students for the Summer Writing Program are in their sophomore* or junior year of high school (rising junior or senior while SWP is in session).  Applicants must also demonstrate the academic ability, maturity, and intellectual curiosity necessary to undertake college-level work.

*SWP is focused on preparing students for college level writing.  High achieving sophomores are encouraged to apply.

2.  What is the application deadline?

Summer Academic Programs at Carleton College has an application process that is composed of 3 selection rounds. Spaces in our programs are limited.  Applications are reviewed in 3 groups; we encourage students to submit their applications as early as possible. Any students interested in participating in our scholarship option must apply by the March 27, 2014 deadline. The 3rd Round is reserved for general admission applicants. 

Deadline Dates:

  • February 6, 2014 - 1st Round deadline for general and scholarship applicants
  • March 27, 2014 -  2nd Round deadline for general and scholarship applicants (this is the last day to apply for a scholarship for summer 2014)
  • April 30, 2014 - 3rd Round deadline and all applications close.

3.  What's the SWP Cancellation/Refund policy?

All cancellations must be made in writing and be received in the Summer Academic Programs Office on or before May 23, 2013.  Students who are not extended an offer of admission will be granted a full refund of their $500 tuition deposit. 

Students whose written withdrawal is received on or before May 23 will be entitled to a refund of any fees paid over and above the $500 nonrefundable deposit.  

Students whose written cancellation is received between May 24 and June 3 will be charged $500.  Students whose written cancellation is received between June 4 and June 24 will be charged $1,250.  Any written cancellation received on or after June 25 will be charged the full cost of tuition.

Any participant who is dismissed for any reason or who voluntarily withdraws from the Summer Writing Program will be responsible for their full tuition and forfeit all voluntary fees paid

4.  Do you offer scholarships to SWP?

The Summer Academic Programs Office offers a limited number of full and partial scholarships.  Please read the Scholarship Application Instructions for eligibility details, application deadlines, and application instructions.

5.  When will I hear if I'm admitted to SWP?

Admissions decisions are sent out via US Mail starting in the middle of April.

6.  My residence hall assignment wasn't in my confirmation materials, when will I know where I'm staying and who my roommate is?

One of our goals is to provide participants with the opportunity to meet new people and build new friendships.  With this goal in mind, you will learn who your roommate is and your residence hall assignment when you arrive on campus.  We do not provide this information in advance because we have found that roommate relationships are most positive and successful when they begin with face-to-face interactions.  We realize this may be a temporary inconvenience, but experience tells us that this is the best way to handle roommate assignments.

When determining housing assignments, our staff tries to pair participants who have similar schedules and study habits, share some common interests, and have differences that may enable them to learn from one another.  For example, participants from Minnesota are likely to be paired with participants from other states and participants who are active in may of the same high school activities are not likely to be paired together.  

7.  What kind of supervision do participants receive at SWP?

The goal of SWP is to provide a college-like, residential, academic and social learning community where participants can manage their own academic responsibilities and social activities.  Men and women live in separate residence halls with one to two full time, residential Dorm Counselors per floor.  SWP participants are required to attend all class meetings and excursions.  Participants also have a variety of optional activities to choose from every day.  Participants are encouraged to bring any concerns they have to their Dorm Counselor, the Director of Activities and Residence Life, any member of the SWP Faculty or academic staff, or any Summer Academic Programs staff member they feel comfortable with.

8.  Can I get high school or college credit for SWP?

The goal of SWP is to help participants demonstrate academic excellence and provide a unique opportunity for participants to develop important skills in a college-like residential learning community.  While SWP is not meant to replace high school or college course work, participants will be evaluated on their work.  Upon successful completion of SWP, participants receive a certificate of attendance and official transcripts will be sent to their home address.  Credit will be earned on a Satisfactory/No Credit (S/N) basis.  Participants who successfully complete all elements of the program will earn 6 Carleton term credits (approximately equal to 3 semester credits).  These credits are typically transferable to other higher education institutions; however, it is at the sole discretion of an individual institution to determine the acceptability of these credits.

9.  Who should parents contact if they have questions during SWP?

Please contact the Summer Academic Programs office with any questions or concerns while your student is on campus.

10.  I want to apply for more than just SWP, do I need to complete a new application for each program?

No, you will not need to complete a new application for each program for which you would like to apply.   Our new system allows for individuals to apply to multiple programs with the same application. 

General Admission Applicants applying to multiple programs need only submit ONE $500 tuition deposit and high school transcript.

11.  How do I upload documents to the online application?

You can upload documents to our online application multiple ways.  Transcripts can be added during the application process and after you have submitted the application.  All other materials must be added after your application had been submitted. Once you submit your application you'll be taken to an application dashboard that will show you what materials you need to turn in for your application to be complete.  There is a document uploader on that page and you can add any additional materials using the uploader.  We recommend uploading all materials as "International Certification of Finances" and when we check your application we'll apply the appropriate titles.  If you have any difficulties uploading information you can email the items to or fax them to 507-222-4540 and we'll take care of adding them to your application.

12.  How do I submit recommender information?

Recommendation forms only need to be submitted for scholarship applicants.  On your application you'll have a choice to be considered a general applicant or a scholarship applicant.  Our application form is responsive to these answers.  If you select "scholarship applicant" a new field will be added to the form that will ask you to submit recommender information.  Once information for all three recommenders has been inputted and you've moved on to a different part of the form, your recommenders will be emailed. 

The only way to track these emails or reset the links sent to your recommenders is by checking your application dashboard.  You will only be able to see the dashboard once you've submitted your application.  To check the status on a recommendation you can click the person's name and information will display below their name.

If any recommenders are having issues with submitting their form or letter please have them contact our office by email or by calling 507-222-4038.


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