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Sharing and Borrowing Content

Reason entities can be shared between sites. This helps prevent duplication of entities (e.g. you don’t need to upload a new photo of the college president every time there’s a news story that needs one). Sharing allows related sites to display news, events, and other content of interest to multiple audiences. Sharing helps promote the practice of a using a single authoritative source of information, rather than duplicating and editing content in multiple locations.

An item is considered "shareable" if a) the site is set up to share that item's type, and b) the item is flagged "shared" rather than "private."

In order to share entities of a certain type, the site must also be set up to manage that particular type. For example, in order to browse and borrow shared events, a site must be set up to manage events itself.

For information on borrowing specific content types, see the help pages for the content you want to borrow (images, events, news/posts, etc.).