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the Voice

Fall 2015 (December 3, 2015)

    • Student Teachers

      "No matter the sometimes-nefarious dealings of these métis capitalists, Gus was probably the most capable defender against the reservation’s antagonists, like the Indian agent."

    • Role of a Lifetime

      by Joel Hoekstra

      "I wanted a school where the cultural environment was accommodating to international students—and Carleton seemed to fit that. I didn’t do much research about the weather, though."

    • Hey, What's Your Sign?

      by Thomas Rozwadowski

      "It was a lot of, 'Seriously, what’s going on with this dude?' "

    • Old World, New School

      by Jaye Lawrence

      "I discovered that what we called weeds were actually filled with more nutrients and health-giving properties than the crops I was growing specifically for market."

    • Reunion 2015

      "During a planning meeting for our 50th reunion, I whispered to my cochair, 'I've never felt affection for any group as much as I do for this one.' She whispered back, 'I think I like them better now than I did in the fifties.' "

    • Cover Illustrations

      Carls Embrace old arts in new ways.