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the Voice

Summer 2014 (June 2, 2014)

    • A Change of Pace

      by Joel Hoekstra

      Carleton faculty members benefit in many ways from the opportunity to take a break from on-campus responsibilities and focus instead on research, writing, and curriculum development. But equally important is how this long-standing academic tradition serves Carleton students when the professors return to their classrooms.

    • Out to Sea

      by Andrew Faught

      Scientist Deb Goodwin ’00 knew she wanted to study the rampant pollution in our oceans, but when she started taking students on semester-at-sea programs to the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre, her career path became clear. Now she’s determined to reduce ocean pollution, expose students to environmental issues, and raise public awareness.

    • Cruise Control

      by Phoebe Larson

      There’s no arguing that Carnival Cruise Lines—indeed, the entire cruise industry—has been adrift for some time. A year ago, Arnold Donald ’76 was named Carnival’s CEO and, already, he’s steering the beleaguered cruise line toward calmer waters.

    • Cover Photo

      Award-winning poet Michael Bazzett ’88 describes his work as “honest—and sometimes that comes across as weird.”