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    • Fine Fellows

      by Teresa Scalzo

      “The agencies get access to bright people they might not otherwise meet, and we get Omaha on people’s radar. It’s a wonderful community.”

    • View Finders

      by Joel Hoekstra

      “Our field raises a lot of questions about what is art, as well as a lot of challenges for presenting and preserving work.”

    • Cover Images

      Field Day: Carleton dancers in unlikely places

    • Leap Day

      by Teresa Scalzo

      “Dancers bring to life what we feel but what most of us, lacking their artistry and athleticism, are unable to express physically.”

    • Old World, New School

      by Jaye Lawrence

      "I discovered that what we called weeds were actually filled with more nutrients and health-giving properties than the crops I was growing specifically for market."

    • Seeing Is Believing

      by Emily Schwing ’05

      “I’m perfectly happy with the title ‘jack of all trades and master of none.’ ”

    • A New Way to Learn

      by Thomas Rozwadowski

       “It wasn’t meant to be a format where students learn a set of information from someone at the front of a class, get tested at the end, and, ‘Oh, okay, I got a B.’ ”

    • The Art of Repetition

      by Phoebe Larson

      John Vigeland ’09 became enamored with the art and process of throwing pots while he was a student at Carleton. Now working at East Fork Pottery in North Carolina, Vigeland pursues his craft passionately and with respect for the long line of crafters who came before him.

    • Cover Photo

      John Vigeland ’09 fell in love with North Carolina’s pottery tradition. His passion led to an apprenticeship at East Fork Pottery.