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the Voice

Spring 2014 (May 21, 2014)

    • A Humanistic Approach

      by Kayla McGrady ’05

      Fewer students are choosing to major in the humanities, and funding sources are drying up fast—two critical reasons that Carleton faculty members are joining their colleagues nationwide to educate students, employers, and legislators on why these disciplines are more worthwhile now than ever before.

    • The Mystery of the Disappearing Moose

      by Greg Breining

      In the past 20 years, northwestern Minnesota’s moose population has dropped from 4,000 to 100. A graduate student at the University of Minnesota, Bill Severud ’02 is working with a team of researchers from the university and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to find out why.

    • The Art of Repetition

      by Phoebe Larson

      John Vigeland ’09 became enamored with the art and process of throwing pots while he was a student at Carleton. Now working at East Fork Pottery in North Carolina, Vigeland pursues his craft passionately and with respect for the long line of crafters who came before him.

    • Cover Photo

      John Vigeland ’09 fell in love with North Carolina’s pottery tradition. His passion led to an apprenticeship at East Fork Pottery.