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  • Quirky and open. You can sit down anywhere in the dining halls and strike up conversations with the people sitting around you. And good conversations at that. It just works here, and it's a nice feeling.Julia Leghorn ‘14
  • As far as I can tell there is really no specific feature that defines a Carleton student. Obviously, the type of person who tends to want to come to Carleton is someone who wants to be challenged intellectually. However, beyond intellectual integrity you can find any type of person at Carleton.Student Body
  • As hard as the classes are and as much pressure as there is to succeed, professors are not there to play 'gotcha.' They are truly invested in helping you to not just pass the class, but become a better student, a better writer, and a better person.Josh Carson ‘14
  • It's hard. A lot harder than high school. Three classes a term is plenty.Simon Johansen ‘14
  • There is any type of social life you want here. Want a dance party? Want a Disney-Movie-Night? Want to geek out with some RPG's? It's all happening on campus. It's just hard trying to figure which you want to do most.Julia Leghorn ‘14
  • One of my favorite parts about the social scene thus far is how much interaction there is between different class years. Unlike in high school where Seniors may have seen Freshman as lame, at Carleton the Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores see Freshman as new people to meet and become friends with. Some of the first new phone numbers you are likely to put in your phone, in fact, are older students who are just as likely to invite you to a frisbee game on the Bald Spot as some of the Freshman you will meet. That being said, the social scene at Carleton is however you want to make it. Drinking at Carleton is very acceptable and is done by many students on weekends and also Wednesday nights. RA's tend to not care about drinking and students who are not on sub-free floors can easily have alcohol in there room. That being said, partying is only a small part of the weekend social life. Whether you want to go make cookies at the Dacie Moses House, watch a movie on the bald spot, or just play a board game in your room there are endless numbers of ways to have fun on both weekends and weeknights.John Carson '14
  • You can essentially do anything you want at Carleton. If you want to party, there will be parties for you to go to. If you want to be in the library studying on a Saturday night, there will be people in there with you. If you want to play Ultimate every day for 4 years, you can do that too. You can do all of the above if you want to.Simon Johansen ‘14
  • I can't really narrow it down to one thing. The academics, the sports, the people, the professors, they're all good. For me, it came down to taking a leap of faith.Simon Johansen ‘14
  • I chose Carleton because of the vibe I got on campus. People are here to learn together. So far, some of my favorite times have been in the libe or floor lounge taking study breaks with my friends. It's a fun learning environment.Julia Leghorn ‘14
  • Being at Carleton is 100% more awesome than being a dinosaur. I don't care which dinosaur or how awesome it is.Rachel Porcher ‘13
  • Carleton is very open. You can do almost anything you want. But just because you CAN do something does not mean you SHOULD do something.Simon Johansen ‘14