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To truly understand Carleton, talk to the people who know it best: our students.

We asked students to share their candid opinions about Carleton's student body, academics, campus life and more. Below is a cross-section of their uncensored comments.

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Choosing Carleton

  • I chose Carleton because it was the only school that proved to me that the professors were as dedicated to the students as the students are to their education. Also, the financial office was really understanding of my financial status and made it very affordable for me to come to Carleton.Erin Jones '12
  • I chose Carleton because I felt I could get the best possible undergraduate education here. I was accepted to some more well-known schools, but I love the personal atmosphere of Carleton. There is no place in the world quite like Carleton, and I have to say that I consider it to be the best choice I've ever made.Brian Kilgour '11
  • I chose Carleton because it felt the most like me. I loved what I could study here and the opportunities the college would afford me (and many of which I have taken advantage of)...but most of all I loved how much Carls reminded me of the spark of geekiness, love of learning, love of knowledge, and quirky impulses that I find in myself.Kate Madison '11
  • I chose Carleton because it felt like home--it felt like a place that I could live and grow and laugh and study. Essentially, Carleton felt like a place where I could simply be me.Jojo Schmidt '13
  • I heard it described as a place with really really amazing academics, but relaxed people with a good sense of humor. I thought, "That sounds like me."Karl Snyder '12
  • For me, athletics were a huge part of why I chose Carleton. When I visited campus I stayed with the volleyball team. Walking around campus with them, I felt as if I fit in already. As soon as I left campus I told my parents I was applying early decision because it's the only school I wanted to go to.” – Kelly Lovett, ‘11Kelly Lovett '11
  • I can't really narrow it down to one thing. The academics, the sports, the people, the professors, they're all good. For me, it came down to taking a leap of faith.Simon Johansen ‘14
  • I chose Carleton because of the vibe I got on campus. People are here to learn together. So far, some of my favorite times have been in the libe or floor lounge taking study breaks with my friends. It's a fun learning environment.Julia Leghorn ‘14
  • You probably won't LOVE everything about Carleton; I know that there are several things I would prefer were a bit different. However, the overwhelming experience for me has been positive. Don't come expecting everything to be perfect, but do expect to have the time of your life!Chloe Meisner ‘11
  • While I initially considered Carleton because of its impressive rankings, academic reputation, and being a liberal arts college, a visit to campus sealed the deal. The community here is amazing, something that everyone remarks upon when they visit.Claire Hill '11
  • The people.Dan Levy '11
  • I chose Carleton because of its atmosphere--combined, the people, academics, and location make it an ideal place to study for four years.Jinai Bharucha '11
  • I chose Carleton because, while it had all the programs that I wanted, all the clubs that I could want, and a gorgeous campus, there was one thing that made it stand out. This is the atmosphere. I like to say that Carleton is a place where you can both be a part of excellent academics and actually have a good time. Carleton has a sense of humor, and that is something that I did not find at any other college that I looked at.Anna Newman '11