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Student Body

Carleton in Their Own Words

To truly understand Carleton, talk to the people who know it best: our students.

We asked students to share their candid opinions about Carleton's student body, academics, campus life and more. Below is a cross-section of their uncensored comments.

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Student Body

  • Everyone usually fits in at Carleton, they just can't be afraid to limit themselves.Alex Brewer '12
  • I was surprised to feel that I wanted to get to know and have lengthy conversations with the vast majority of people here. People here do not fit into groups as students typically do in high school. I remember meeting football players who were Classical Studies majors and French majors who were also pre-med.Caroline Giese '11
  • Everyone is excited about who they're meeting and what they're learning. Someone who only cares about academic learning would not fit in well. Carleton students realize that academics are only half (a very important half) of the learning experience. If all you want is a place to do your work, Carleton is not the place for you - it has too many cool things to be experienced!” –Peter Schlesinger, ‘12Peter Schlesinger '12
  • College is the time to figure out who you are, and in order to do that, sometimes you have to make mistakes. But the thing is, everyone here will help you out when you do. When I procrastinate for too long and then try to sleep, my roommate makes me do my homework. Everyone helps everyone here, which makes it a really safe, giving environment.Kelly Thomas '11
  • I guess that there is no need to worry about fitting in at Carleton if you are passionate about something--the social aspect of your experience here will take care of itself.Zaira Gonzales '11
  • Carleton students are genuinely friendly, genuinely thoughtful, and genuinely and equally interested in academics and just sitting around and laughing with friends. Carleton students like to think about what life is really for.Karl Snyder '12
  • Students here are generally open-minded, willing to learn through various ways, and friendly. A distinct Carleton feature is that students are capable of making changes to the community they are part of without any artificial obstacles being created from the administration. In fact, it's as supportive as it gets, offering students an opportunity of direct governance and input.Asim Manizada ‘13
  • Quirky and open. You can sit down anywhere in the dining halls and strike up conversations with the people sitting around you. And good conversations at that. It just works here, and it's a nice feeling.Julia Leghorn ‘14
  • As far as I can tell there is really no specific feature that defines a Carleton student. Obviously, the type of person who tends to want to come to Carleton is someone who wants to be challenged intellectually. However, beyond intellectual integrity you can find any type of person at Carleton.Student Body
  • I don't know of a single person that will turn you away simply because they don't know you; people are so welcoming and friendly here.Jojo Schmidt '13
  • Carleton is a place where a stranger is a friend you haven't yet met.Asim Manizada ‘13
  • Carleton is a very intense place. The students all say "We work hard and we play hard." Ten-week terms are short, but they provide for an intensity of learning that is addictive - and tiring. It is tiring and it is stressful, and it isn't for everybody. It's not easy, and nobody holds your hand, but you have help; you have lots of help whenever you need it. Carls are wonderful, quirky people who love to learn, and this is a really supportive environment. And the College fosters that. Carls are group of people who love our school. We realize it's not perfect, but we love it anyway and seek to make it better so we can love it the more.Kate Madison '11
  • Visiting during the school-year is a great idea, so you can observe the kinds of interactions that Carleton students have on a daily basis. My favorite aspect of Carleton is easily the kinds of people it attracts.Karl Snyder '12
  • Come to Carleton, and don't be afraid to see students who wave at you and say hi without even knowing you.Asim Manizada ‘13
  • It's much more friendly and supportive than more competitive East Coast liberal arts colleges.Freshman
  • Carleton students are inquisitive, engaged, nerdy, enthusiastic, and friendly. They're the sort of person who has at least one academic topic they can gush about for hours, and probably more than one. They are interesting and, perhaps more importantly, interested.Katie Neher '13
  • There are all sorts of people at Carleton, but generally everyone here is very friendly. Expect to have conversations with random people in lunch lines, at the gym, and in the laundry room.Ben Picone '11
  • Carleton is casual, friendly and fun. You can really talk to anyone, join any club, group or anything. Everyone is welcoming.Dan Levy '11
  • The student body here at Carleton is surprisingly diverse. You can have any interest, any talent, any background and still fit in well at this school. The only real generalization I can make about the students here is that nearly everyone I meet is friendly. Some are a bit more outgoing than others, but overall I'm still amazed at how many nice people could live on one small campus.Caitlin Unumb '11
  • I'd say that the Carleton student body is very intellectually diverse. Everyone fits in in their own way, the trick is finding your niche, whether it be hanging out with your floor or your classmates, everyone has a place.Anna Newman '11
  • The students are open, friendly, and not nearly as ugly as some people claim we are! I wish that my high school had the same number of open minded individuals who enjoy learning as we have here. There is a place for everyone because as a whole the student body is very accepting of difference.Marc Boyce '11
  • The student body is outstanding. People are welcoming, forthcoming, tolerant, interesting and most importantly have their own unique and brilliant character.Viveka Ranjitsinh '11
  • The student body is on the whole composed of highly intelligent and privileged students who are exceedingly nice about it. Of course there are exceptions, but most people are extraordinarily friendly, helpful and accepting of others. People who value wit and variety fit in well here, while those who are highly judgmental of others definitely would not.Emily Cogsdill '11
  • I'm not sure there is a kind of person who doesn't fit. Everyone finds their own niche, whether they be preppy, emo, or any other classification. You just have to be open.Rose Hyson '11