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March 9, 2014 at 10:22 am

Sophomores face a lot of important decisions: What major do I declare? What off-campus program should I apply to? How do I find a great summer opportunity?

BS-Sophomorphosis.jpgThis year, students found answers to those questions and more at Sophomorphosis, a week of activities focused on the transformations sophomores undergo as they plan their futures at Carleton and beyond. “We brought together in one place all the resources they need,” says religion professor Louis Newman, who also serves as associate dean of the college and director of advising.

Held in January, the first annual event featured such sessions as “Finding a Mentor” and “Leadership and the Liberal Arts,” as well as information fairs that highlighted majors, off-campus study programs, and leadership opportunities. Students also picked up tips on how to ace their required writing portfolio, score a great fellowship or internship, and present themselves at future job interviews.

Sophomorphosis is part of the college’s efforts to improve the overall excellence of student advising, as directed by its strategic plan. “It was a team effort, with staff members from the Career Center, the deans’ offices, and alumni relations, and faculty members from a variety of academic programs coming together to make the week a success,” says Newman.


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