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Our Faculty

All great colleges have notable faculty. Carleton professors rise to the top because they focus first on teaching students. As respected scholars, scientists, artists, and researchers they’re at the forefront of their fields, but it is in the classroom that they truly shine. They value questioning and curiosity, collaboration and teamwork, experimentation and reflection—creating a vital, distinctive learning community for students and teachers alike.

faculty at commencement

Faculty Facts

  • 209 full-time faculty members in 2016–17.
  • 91% of Carleton faculty members hold the highest degree in their field.
  • 24% identify themselves ethnic minorities or of two or more races.
  • 1:9 faculty to student ratio.

Faculty Scholarship

Carleton faculty engage in a dynamic range of research and scholarship, individually and in collaboration with other faculty or students. Their scholarship is supported by internal and external grants, as well as ongoing academic initiatives.

Recent Carleton faculty scholarship & academic achievements.

  • I’m the kind of student who wants a little more attention from professors. I value that relationship. It’s why I feel comfortable in class. I know I can go to see them during office hours. They’ll know my name, tell me how I’m doing. I can also ask as many questions as I want. That relationship exists here.
    Kifaya Taha ’17
  • Stephan Zweifel

    Faculty Highlight: Stephan Zweifel

    Whether he’s in the genetics lab or on the tennis court, Stephan Zweifel often uses humor to get his point across. The Voice alumni magazine caught up with the ever-quotable Zweifel for his take on combining the roles of professor and coach. Learn more.

  • Amy Csizmar Dalal

    Faculty Highlight: Amy Csizmar Dalal

    Amy Csizmar Dalal's freshman seminar asks students to think about the implications of all the information they have at their fingertips. “Not just how they interact with technology, but how technology shapes them. How can we make technology work better for people?” Learn more.

  • Andy Flory

    Faculty Highlight: Andy Flory

    “No one goes into college thinking ‘I’m going to be a musicologist,’ ” says assistant professor of music Andy Flory. “It’s a field you tend to stumble into.” Flory’s stumbling led him to become an expert on Motown great Marvin Gaye. Learn more.