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Previous Graduation Requirements

These requirements apply to the Class of 2013 and prior classes. Class of 2014 and subsequent classes should see the current requirements here.

General Requirements

  • 210 credits, of which 108 must be earned while enrolled at Carleton.
  • Cumulative grade average of C (2.0) or better.
  • A major field of study: chosen during the third term of sophomore year; number of credits varies by department; grades earned in required courses in the department must be a C- or better.
  • Integrative Exercise: a maximum of fifteen and a minimum of three academic credits awarded for an integrative exercise.
  • Residence Requirement: at least six terms, including the senior year (last three terms) must be spent in residence.


  • one writing requirement course
  • sophomore writing portfolio


  • proficiency in a language other than English (four or five courses depending on the language)


  • one course designated “recognition and affirmation of difference” (RAD)

Physical Education

  • four terms of physical education, two of which can be fulfilled by participation in approved club sports

Distribution requirements (60 credits):

  • 18 math and science credits
  • 18 social science credits
  • 12 arts and literature credits
  • 12 humanities credits