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Research & Scholarship at Carleton

All around Carleton’s campus you’ll find faculty and students engaged in exciting, meaningful research and scholarship. Whether they are working to understand plant diseases, uncovering rural French life of the 19th century, or creating thought-provoking works of art, they are engaged together in the practice of deep inquiry and joy of learning that defines Carleton.

Three major types of research & scholarship take place at Carleton:

Research and Scholarship

1. Student Scholarship

Students are encouraged through Comps, independent study classes, and fellowship opportunities, to pursue significant scholarly work. More information can be found at Undergraduate Research. Examples of student work include:

  • Zhi You Koh ’19 traveled to Nanjing, China. Through an investigation of historical topography and local archives, he researched the extent and particularities of popular support for the Taiping and 1911 Revolutions. He received a Chang-Lan Fellowship to pursue this project.

    Urmila Kutikkad ’18 explored Siberian political resistance and cultural preservation in Buryatia through poetry. She worked closely with poet Bair Dugarov to translate his poetry into English in a way that retains his voice and cultural identity. Ultimately, she hopes to introduce indigenous voices into traditional Russian discourse. She received a Class of 1963 fellowship to pursue this project.

    Fiona Fraser ’18
    immersed herself in the works of Norwegian artist Edvard Munch by studying his original woodblocks and lesser-known prints in Oslo and Hamburg. She plans to create a collection of hand-printed fabric quilts inspired by Munch’s homeland, artistic process, and woodcut prints. She received an Independent Research fellowship to pursue this project.

    Cory Renay Friendshuh ’19
    visited alternative communities in Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia, immersing herself in each place and recording her experiences through visual art and journalistic writing. She plans to explore links between the psychology of alternative living and artistic expression, and to write a book about it. She received a Larson International fellowship to pursue this project.

    Gus Holley ’20
    presented his paper “Recapture the Ruanxian Techniques and Notation of the Medieval Round Lute” at the 20th International CHIME conference at UCLA, which draws presenters from around the world. He was funded by the Parents Fund for Academic Excellence.

Student Scholarship

Research and Scholarship

2. Faculty Scholarship

Carleton faculty pursue rigorous, in-depth research and study as an integral part of their faculty role. Examples of recent faculty scholarship include:

  • Perez, Yansi
    Perez, Yansi. Mas Alla Del Duello. UCA Editores, 2019.
  • Brioso, Jorge
    Brioso, Jorge and James Irby. A Poetic Order of Excess: Essays on Poets and Poetry. Green Integer 209, 2019
  • Carpenter, Scott and Helena Kaufman. Integrating Worlds: How Off-Campus Study Can Transform Undergraduate Education. Stylus Publishing, 2019.
  • Allen, Barbara
    Allen, Barbara and Daniel Stevens. Truth in Advertising? Lies in Political Advertising and How They Affect the Electorate. Lexington Books, 2019.
  • Raylor, Tim
    Raylor, Timothy. Philosophy, Rhetoric, and Thomas Hobbes. Oxford University Press, 2018.
  • Keating, Jessica
    Keating, Jessica. Animating Empire: Automata, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Early Modern World. Penn State University Press, 2018.

  • Mazzariello, Andrea
    Mazzariello, Andrea. One More Revolution: A Love Song, On Vinyl. The Operating System, 2018. 

  • Raleigh, Liz
    Raleigh, Elizabeth. Selling Transracial Adoption: Families, Markets, and the Color Line. Temple University Press, 2018.

  • Snyder, Jeff
    Snyder, Jeffrey Aaron. Making Black History: The Color Line, Culture, and Race in the Age of Jim Crow. The University of Georgia Press, 2018. 

  • Smith, Greg
    Smith, Gregory Blake. The Maze at Windermere: A Novel. Viking, 2018

  • Grawe, Nathan
    Grawe, Nathan D. Demographics and the Demand for Higher Education. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018.
  • Research and Scholarship

3. Student-Faculty Scholarship

Carleton students regularly contribute to faculty scholarship, as Student Research Partners during break or as students enrolled in research courses during the term. More information can be found at Undergraduate Research. Examples of student-faculty collaborative work include:

  • Brody Lynch ’20 and Adam Nijhawan ’19
    Cation Motion in Zeolites: A Molecular Dynamics Study

    Zeolites are naturally occurring minerals with microscopic pores. These pores allow for zeolites to act as sieves for gases. Specifically, some zeolites trap CO2 in much greater quantities than other gases. Thus, there is potential in using zeolites to filter out greenhouse gases from fossil fuel emissions. This project used computational models to study the process by which zeolites trap CO2 because they allow for better understanding the movement of atoms on a molecular level.

    Supervised by Dani Kohen.

  • Jacob Isaacs ’20
    Frontier: The American West and the Development of Film

    This project documents the conflicts, tensions, power consolidation, fictions, and questions that Western development, on screen and in reality, has brought to the region, with a particular focus on how expansion and development have disenfranchised communities and transformed the environment

    Supervised by Laska Jimsen.

    Student-Faculty Scholarship