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Teaching and Research Support for Faculty

Carleton College supports our faculty and their development at every stage of their careers — in their teaching, research, and other scholarly pursuits.

  • Gretchen Hofmeister '85, Professor of Chemistry and Associate Dean of the College

    Dean of the College Office

    The Dean of the College Office oversees the academic programs of the College and supports the work of the faculty.
  • Science lab

    Academic Innovation and Centers

    Carleton’s Academic Innovation and Centers focus extra resources on innovative areas of scholarship and pedagogy.
  • 2015 SOAN A&I seminar

    A&I Seminar Resources

    Help for Carleton faculty members teaching Argument and Inquiry seminars, courses designed to teach new students abut the meaning and value of a liberal arts education.
  • Debby Walser Kuntz

    Center for Civic & Community Engagement (CCCE)

    The CCCE helps faculty integrate civic and community engagement into courses and research, as well as supporting their public scholarship.
  • Wong Topology

    The Grants Office

    The Grants Office helps faculty identify and apply for external sources of funding to support their academic activities.
  • Carleton DHAs

    Digital Humanities Associates

    The Digital Humanities Associates are a group of undergraduate students who work as interns on projects and courses throughout the academic year, collaborating closely with faculty who conduct arts and humanities research and who teach using digital methods and tools.
  • Academic Technologists

    Information Technology Services

    Information Technology Services supports the academic technology needs of faculty for their courses and research.
  • Welcome new librarian liaison for History!

    Gould Library librarians and other staff

    Gould Library librarians and other staff work closely with faculty to provide research support for their classes and assignments, and partner with them to build library collections that support the curriculum.
  • IdeaLab in Session

    The IdeaLab

    The IdeaLab provides integrated curricular support and training with a special emphasis on technology tools, media, visual representations and audio.
  • LTC Library

    Perlman Center for Learning & Teaching (LTC)

    The Perlman Center for Learning & Teaching coordinates programs for new and experienced faculty, circulates new information about teaching theories and strategies, and helps to identify problems and suggest solutions for classroom practice.
  • Fred Hagstrom with students

    Perlman Teaching Museum

    The Perlman Teaching Museum works with faculty who wish to use works of art in their teaching or research.
  • Science Education Resource Center (SERC)

    Science Education Resource Center

    The Science Education Resource Center (SERC) supports Carleton faculty and educators worldwide in the Earth sciences and beyond.
  • Geospatial Projects and Data

    Spatial Analysis

    Spatial Analysis is a set of techniques for analyzing spatial data and improving spatial literacy.
  • Matt Whited watches over students in the Carleton science research lab.

    Undergraduate Research

    Resources are available to support faculty-mentored student research from the Humanities Center, the Science Board, and the Dean of the College office.