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A Standout Faculty

All great colleges have notable faculty. Carleton professors rise to the top because they focus first on teaching students. In fact, U.S. News and World Report ranked Carleton College #1 for undergraduate teaching at a national liberal arts college.

As respected scholars, scientists, and artists, our faculty are at the forefront of their fields. But it is in the classroom that they truly shine. They value questioning and curiosity, collaboration and teamwork, and experimentation and reflection—resulting in a vital, distinctive learning environment for students and teachers alike.

The Personal Touch

Every course at Carleton is taught by a faculty member, not a teaching assistant. A student-faculty ratio of 9 to 1 ensures that Carleton students have plenty of opportunity for interaction with their professors, in class and out. Professors are available not only through regular office hours—they often mingle with students at lunch, campus events, or even informal get-togethers at their own homes.

Research Partners

Carleton professors welcome student involvement in their research projects—some research even grows out of a conversation between a teacher and student about a shared interest. Carleton student researchers have:

  • Translated a French 17th-century calculus textbook (with mathematics professor Sam Patterson)
  • Helped prepare professional art exhibits (with art professor Kelly Connole)
  • Conducted studies on how nicotine dependence may increase the risk of developing panic attacks or panic disorder (with psychology professor Ken Abrams)
  • Translated key texts from a series of 11th-century civil wars that coincided with ecclesiastical reform (with history professor Bill North)
  • Gathered astrophysical data at Arecibo, Green Bank, Very Large Array, and Parkes Radio observatories (with physics professor Joel Weisberg)

More examples of student-faculty research and scholarship