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In order to protest the mandatory Christian chapel services that Carleton used to have way back when, a group of students semi-jokingly created the Reformed Druids of North America. This quickly evolved into a fairly large, completely serious religion, and at one point the head Druidical religious leader of North America lived at Carleton. Nowadays they still continue their ceremonies at their stone circle in the Arb. They host celebrations for equinoxes, solstices, and other significant Druid holidays.

The Druid Circle
The Druid Circle, photographed by Beth Dow for the 2002 Vantage Points photo exhibit.
  • Druids takes place at The Druid Circle

    The Druid Circle is a stone circle in the Upper Arboretum. It hosts meetings of the Reformed Druids of North America, a religious group that began at Carleton in 1963 as a protest against a requirement that students attend religious services. Although the College dropped the requirement in 1964, the student organization lives on.

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