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IM Soccer

IM Soccer is divided into a hardcore and softcore division based on competitive level, a fact inspires many teams to assemble each year regardless of their actual soccer skills. IM Soccer is played indoors in winter term and outdoors in spring term. Teams play against each other for the right to call themselves champions and for the ultimate prize of free T-shirts. The most devastating current softcore IM Soccer team is the IM Soccer All-Stars, whose elaborate T-shirts and intricate plays dazzle opponents season after season.

  • Intramural soccer championship
    "Heading for the goal in the intramural soccer championships." -Bassirou Sarr '09
  • Helen Ashton
    Helen Ashton, captain of Billy Walsh & the Chemistry Club
  • "IM Soccer All-Stars"
    "The Carleton College IM Soccer All-Stars"
  • IM Soccer All-Stars
    IM Soccer All-Stars, in their nickname-adorned team t-shirts
  • Bell Field

    IM Soccer takes place at Bell Field

    Located on the eastern edge of the Carleton campus, Bell Field is an 11-acre site comprised of a softball diamond, championship-caliber tennis courts and two soccer fields. The slope leading down to Bell Field from Evans Hall is a popular winter sledding hill.

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