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Carleton radio station KRLX-FM 88.1 broadcasts to the Carleton campus and online throughout the academic year. Independent and student-run since its beginnings in 1948, KRLX (KaRL X -- get it? -- Roman numerals?) has allowed students full artistic freedom to experiment as music DJs, newscasters and pundits. It is the biggest student organization on campus, with over 200 student volunteers running the station 24 hours a day.

  • Sayles-Hill Campus Center

    KRLX takes place at Sayles Hill Campus Center

    Sayles is the heart of student life on campus. It contains the post office, career center, bookstore, and the snack bar, a good place to grab a sandwich. Many Carleton social events take place in the Great Space just outside of the snack bar.

    44.4613913449469 -93.1560909748077