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Lenny Dee

In addition to being a famous pop organist, Lenny Dee is a sketch comedy group at Carleton. They put on one big show per term, in Little Nourse Theater (or Nourse Little Theater, depending on which of the rival word-order philosophies you subscribe to).

  • Funny AND fast
    Members of the Lenny Dee comedy troupe after their triumphant 5K race against the Improv group.
  • Lenny Dee comedians play ball
    Members of the Lenny Dee comedy troupe pose after their winning softball game against the Improv group.
  • Nourse Hall

    Lenny Dee takes place at Nourse Hall

    Nourse is a beautiful old residence hall located on the East Side of campus, near the Language and Dining Center. Fourth Nourse, which is reserved for women, is the only non-co-ed floor on campus.

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